Killer Tier List

Killer Tier List

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    S tier seems accurate.

    A tier: Pyramid is easily above Hag and Huntress due to very strong anti-loop + free tunnelling. Oni is also better than the mentioned two. Dredge is an odd one but I do think when people really tap into his potential he is in this tier. Where exactly? Not sure.

    B tier: I think Nemesis is at the top here if factoring in his max potential, but most of the time he is pretty mid, yes. Pinhead feels pretty bottom IMO. Legion is very much torn between low B, high C, they still completely suck like none other if the team has some degree of intelligence spread around. Accurate otherwise.

    C tier: I honestly think Tricktser is a mid-to-low B tier killer. His camping is ridiculously strong and he is also a very strong chaser in the right circumstances. Doc would also be lower B IMO but I understand why he’s C. Deathslinger is B tier, I’ve seen too many good ones to think otherwise. Freddy is still a strange case. I do think he’s still strong but everyone that plays him is just meme-tier bad. In theory he’s easily top B, but I’ve seen only garbage in practice so whatever. I actually agree with clown placement here.

    D tier: Sadako is C-tier, c’mon. She’s got way more than what others give her credit for. Myers is also better than Trapper and Pig, but very much in this tier.

Viendo 1 publicación (de un total de 1)
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