Dream Catcher App Review

Dream Catcher App Review: Robots for binary options trading as a viable means of making money online have been around for quite some time. They survived for the long time because of the rising popularity of options trading. The rising popularity in turn, is brought about by the lucrative nature of options trading. Some of the trading automated robots and brokers are legitimate and extremely reliable. Others are gradual while others still, are pure scams designed just to make traders lose their initial deposits. One of the system options currently available in the market is the Dream Catcher App.

Dream Catcher App Review

With a professional looking website, the Dream Catcher App is presented by a certain Mr. Matthew Warner. It is claimed to be a computerized trading system that is fully automated. On landing on the system’s website homepage, what first catches one’s attention is the white bolded letters at the very top of the page. The letters say that every single member of Mr. Matthew’s trading system made more than $150,000 last month with the system. The letters promise you it is your chance to do the same today.

That is just one of the mighty promises made by the software. That is also the reason why this article is being written to analyze the system for you. In the end, you will surely be able to decide for yourself whether the system is legitimate or just another scam.

Dream Catcher

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The Dream Catcher App Website

Although quite cluttered and too wide, the system’s website looks a bit professional. Below the bold white letters that have been mentioned is the system’s promotional video. The video leaves a little space to its right and, there sits the sign up form field with two security and safety trust logos just beneath it.

Below the video is a supposed explanation of how you should do it and what you should expect. Below this is the section that tries to convince you that the software is all you need. Lastly, at the very bottom of the page are the usual live trading accounts and testimonials from satisfied users.

All these make the system and the website sound legitimate. They make it appear as if the system and the people behind it can be trusted. Well, that is what they were intended to do but there is always a loose end. The loose end here is the claims made and the features advanced for the system. They just all seem so unreal.

Promises and Features of the Dream Catcher App

The Dream Catcher App makes so many grand promises and parades so many ‘supposed’ features that one might not even remember all. Let’s try to put down some from both the website and the promotional video.

  • The website claims that all members of the system made over $150,000 in the last month. This is supposed to convey how lucrative using the software to trade can be for traders.
  • A section tagged “How It Is Done and What You Should Expect” is displayed around the middle of the website. This is supposed to be vital information that will teach you all the rudiments of using the software and show you what you really stand to gain.
  • Below the section mentioned above is another section that displays a spin wheel. The tag above the spin wheel infers that you do not need to play any change games. What you need is just the software.
  • At the bottom part of the website sits the section where live trades are displayed. The data keeps changing to show ‘up’, ‘down’ ‘call’ and ‘put’. These are all terms that are frequently used in binary options trading so one would be tempted to believe that the displayed trading accounts are real.
  • Below the trading accounts at the very bottom are the user testimonials. They are testimonies from ‘supposed’ satisfied users thanking the software and its creator for the wonderful sums they have made. This is intended to convince you that the software does actually make money for traders.
  • In the video, Mr. Matthew promises that the software will surely make you $4,250 in daily profits for the rest of your days. He repeats several times that every single member is sure t receive this amount by the next day. He also promises that over 30 people will surely be made millionaires by the software.
  • The creator claims in the video that the service if completely free. He says you do not need your credit or debit card to start using the software.
  • The presenter states in the video that only 15 slots are available to intending traders who wish to join his other 7,000 traders. Members whom he claims are already successful. This is intended to show you that if you do not hurry, all the slots might be taken.
  • The video also displays some ‘supposed’ satisfied users who keep showing their appreciation to the software and the people behind it. They are offering thanks for the wonderful sums of money they have been able to make with the software.
Dream Catcher Testimonial

The claims, promises and features put forward by the system are all grand. This led to a thorough analysis and research of all of them to find out if they are all legitimate. In the end, the research unearthed the following astonishing facts;

1. Member’s Monthly $150,000 is A Pipe Dream

The claim on the website that every member had made $150,000 in the last month is a lie. There is no verification anywhere in the video or on the website that members really made such amounts. And if they did, with the over 7,000 successful members the system claims to have, how much will that amount to? To make such an amount from options trading in a month, this analysis discovered, you will need to also spend thousands in investment. Although auto systems are meant to make trading lucrative, making such castle dream amounts is impossible.

2. Fake Vital Information

The section of the website that is supposed to teach you how it is done with the software and tell you what you stand to gain is a fake as discovered by this research. When a website section that is supposed to educate you starts to tell you that the system did not outsource anything. When it begins saying that everything is under its control 100%, then you know something is not right. This research discovered that the information supplied under the category does not rhyme with the title that was given to it at all.

3. Spin Wheel Fraud

The spin wheel below the vital information section was discovered to be a big fraud by this analysis. If you watch closely you will notice that all the legitimate looking brand symbols displayed by the wheel are programmed. They are programmed to keep repeating in regular cycles. Wouldn’t you call this a big fraud yourself?

4. Yet To Be Verified Trading Accounts

The live trading accounts sit just below the spin wheel on the website. This research discovered the accounts to be just a JavaScript. The section is a script that is programmed to play out and begin all over again. On close scrutiny, you will discover that the script keeps playing the same figures over and over again. When it plays to the end, it starts all over again. So much for profitable live trading accounts!

5. Impossible To Make $4,250 Daily Earnings

Mr. Matthew’s claim in the video that the software will earn you daily profits of $4.250 for the rest of your life is a farce. In binary options trading, all systems require one sort of broker registration or the other as discovered by this analysis. The brokers in turn, have different T&Cs when it comes to earnings withdrawals. It is then safe to say that our ‘supposed’ creator did not know what he was talking about when he made the promise. It appears as if he does not know anything concerning what earning profits in binary options trading entails.

6. Expensive ‘Free’ Automated Software

The ‘free software’ gimmick is probably the oldest in the book of all scam trading systems. This research discovered that to make money in any online market, you must put in some investment dollars. You must create and fund an account with a broker before you can trade and expect to make profits. This software might be given to you for free but you cannot use it to trade until you have paid the required minimum deposit. In fact, you are surely going to lose that deposit as, you are denied withdrawals until you have attained a certain specified trading volume by which time you would have lost the deposit.

7. Eternal Remaining 15 Slots

The 15 slots claimed to be the only ones left for new members in the video are eternally available. Why is it that every time you visit the system’s website and the video plays, the 15 slots are still available? Does that mean no new members are signing up and taking the slots? If they are signing up then why is the available number of slots not reducing? These are just some of the logical questions asked by this analysis to discover the truth.

8. Unverified User Testimonials

All the user testimonials displayed on the website and those carried in the promotional video are fakes. None of them is verified. The user images displayed on the website are photos taken and used from the internet without any proper credit to the real photo owners. Just perform a Google image search like this study did and you will be amazed at what you will discover. As for those in the video, they are just a bunch of cheap actors hired. Search the micro-job site for their profiles and you will discover their gigs just like this study did.

9. Mr. Matthew Warner

Yes! Our ‘supposed’ app creator and the narrator in the promotional video should get an honorable mention because of his vital role in the whole setup. Who exactly is Mr. Warner? Well, he is a ‘nobody’. He is an identity that was formulated just to act out a role. In the role, he is a 49 year old multi millionaire who was mentored by a certain Mr. Alexander Mendez while working as a Wall Street trader. He is purported to have amassed his wealth of over $27 million while on Wall Street.

This study searched for this ‘Wall Street millionaire’ but could not get any information about him. It is a fact that all search engines recognize Wall Street Millionaires. Why do they not recognize this particular one? It is also a fact that financial news outlets and online media always disseminate up to date news about such millionaires. Why is it that nothing has ever been heard of this one?

Why should a ‘Wall Street Millionaire’ who has presented such ‘valuable’ software to the world be surrounded by such deep anonymity? Is this not a red flag? Well this is the way with most scams.

In Summary

This study is not intended to name the Dream Catcher App as an outright scam. But the loopholes and inconsistencies contained within the whole system and how it operates appear to be doing so. Why would the creator of any software say you must download it to use it while, in actuality, it is web based and cannot be downloaded? Does that show that he is the one that actually developed it?

Legitimate systems like Option Robot never contain any of such inconsistencies. Option Robot is a binary options trading software that has come to stay. The positive feedback it is enjoying from real traders who have actually used it is, causing it to make waves in the binary options trading markets.

With a website that could be said to be perfect, the winning system supplies you with all the necessary information you need to win most of your trades. Winning most trades makes options trading quite profitable. The website also contains tons of valuable information on how to become a better trader.

Option Robot is a system which ensures that you actually grow both in wealth as well as binary options trading knowledge and experience.

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