Digitized Day Trader Review

Never have traders in binary options had the choices of trading software like they have today. It is like every waking day, a new system of making money appears. the downside to this is that the good software that makes money for you comes amidst other not so good software that are just interested in making money from you and not making any for you. It is therefore important to study each system carefully before investing your funds. Here is a review of this new system known as Digitized Day Trader.

What is Digitized Day Trader all about?

  • System:  Digitized Day Trader
  • CEO:  Leonard Dames
  • Website:  DigitalTrader.co
  • Money-back Guarantee:  60 Days
  • Bonus: $1000
  • Downloads:  Web based – no need to download

According to the CEO, one Leonard Dames, this system is different from the other binary optionssystems out there. Instead of concentrating on the most popular assets that everybody wants to trade in, Digitized Day Trader works around the much less traded assets.This enables the system to maximize profits because they are able to trade where most systems will not go. The fact that these assets are not traded heavily means that they are a lot less volatile and so they are in most cases very safe to trade with.

This system was created by Leonard Dames, who is reportedly a very successful trader in binary options. It is designed to offer traders a different approach to binary options trading by offering them the choice to trade in safe assets where profitability, fuelled by very accurate signals is guaranteed. This system allows traders to make more profits from binary options trading by investing less in time and effort.

Leonard Dames claims that his system is superior to many others in that it is able to make the correct predictions anytime. This is attributed partly to his experience and prowess in the binary options as well as the fact that his system is a redefined Goldman Sachs model. This means that it makes his predictions quite qualified as he says. Is the name of Goldman Sachs meant to give his system more mileage?

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4. Collect your Earnings

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The promotional video

As with many binary options sites today, the promotional video is inevitable. Digitized Day Trader does not disappoint. The developer of this system, Leonard Dames, gives a long story about how he had an ordinary job like everybody else. He was working as a day trader and got all the insights possible about what works and what doesn’t. He tells of his decision to quit his job and develop a system that will allow him to whatever he wants anytime he wants to do it other than slog through life like most employed people do.

He developed a system that makes him over $8,000 several time a day. This has made him live the life of his dreams. He shows you pictures of dream holidays, mansions, a fleet of big cars, yachts and a luxurious lifestyle. This system has earned him more than $40 million to date.

How convincing you think those above mentioned promises are?
How convincing you think those above mentioned promises are?

Trading with Digitized Day trader

After watching the video and listening to all the benefits of signing in, you will find a space to fill in your email address. This is what will direct you to the next page where you will open your account by registering with a broker that will be recommended by the system. These brokers are allocated to where you are situated.

You need to make a deposit of at least $250 to start trading. Higher amounts than this can attract more than $1,000 in bonuses.

The software can be downloaded for free. You will need to pay the developer some money for giving you the opportunity to trade with his system. You will be required to pay a monthly charge of $4,476 for the use of this system. This money will be deducted directly from your account. This charge will accrue only if you make over $200,000. If your account is sitting under this amount, you will not be required to pay anything to the creator of this software.

The Promises

Digitized Day Trader has a basketful of promises as you will expect. Some of these are:

  1. This is a great system. It will allow you to make at least $8,952 every day! These very good returns will be made through the auto trading system which means that you will not have to sit at your computer all day and night.. You will only be expected to spend at least 8 minutes every day on the program in order to make this king of money.
  2. This program claims that their signals coma with the accuracy level of 95%. This high accuracy is what makes this system the best you can trade your binary options with today. A system that promises this kind of accuracy is being very ambitious and they know that such accuracy levels are very difficult to achieve. What they actually promise is that with a deposit of $250, you can expect to have in excess of $39,000 within a few days.
  3. You will not need to come with a background in binary options trading or a wide experience. Being fully automated, even beginners will be making handsome profits from day 1.
  4. This system is web based. This allows you to check on your account anytime you want wherever you are and with any device. If you have an internet connection, the software is accessible on your PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet and mobile.
  5. You are assured that the system is transparent and easy to work with. They say they work from a position of integrity and your funds will be safe with them. This is to ask you to trust them bearing in mind that so many traders have been lured into bogus trading platforms.
  6. You will be allowed to trade and make profits on this system for free until you make $200,000. When you reach this level, you will be asked to pay $4,476 per month. If you are trading below this level, you can be sure that the system will not take any money from you.
  7. Digitized Day Trader gives you a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that your deposit will be refunded in full if you do not make profits with regular trading with this software.
  8. Trading here wins you multiple signals all day long. This system promises to give you between 25 and 97 signals every day on average. These signals are adequate for you to meet your daily profit projection.

The Red Flags

  • In the video the systems CEO claims that you should expect 100% returns because the system is based on the Goldman Sachs system. This is no more than name dropping to score a point with you. For once, even Goldman Sachs themselves will freely tell you that there is nothing like a system which delivers 100% accuracy in forex and commodity trading.
  • The picture provided at the beginning of the promotional video has been proven to belong to a person who is not Leonard Dames. Maybe they did not anticipate that people will study every aspect of their system that deeply. They forgot that the people in the internet are very thorough. Makes you wonder what else in all the video’s narration is not true or is contrived.
  • To make $200,000 in binary options needs a lot of time and work. This program says that it will not charge anything to traders who make less than this in a month. The truth is, very few binary options traders make this kind of money in a month. Essentially, this program is being availed to you for free. Why would such a promising system be offered for free?


Digitized Day Trader is a new system which has not been in the business for a long time. It has not proven itself in the business. What you should do is give it time to do so. This you will do, but you will not postpone your trading as they get to getting grounded in the business. You will have to sign up with an already successful binary robot.

What you need to do

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