Delta App Review

Delta App Review: Who doesn’t want to earn quick money? In the recent era, with such hectic life and work schedule, it becomes entirely impossible to focus on a different source of income. So if anyone told that you can have an opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money by just sitater profits in a short span of timting at home and doing nothing, will you not be enticed? The similar is the case with the binary option robot trading system or automated trading software  that offers this lucrative option of earning higher returns by doing “nothing”. The online users simply need to invest a certain portion of their money with some reliable and best binary options brokers platform (reliable like IQ Option) and attach and option robot to it. In return of the investment, the particular binary option signals or robot platform promises to the investors the generation of greater profits in a short span of time.

Delta App Review

There are several legitimate and reliable binary options trading platforms out there that make the same promises. However, as there are reliable platforms, there are also several unreliable and illegitimate portals which tend to run away with the hard-earned money of the investors. Therefore, while making the investment in the binary options trading platforms, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research of the particular company before taking a major step. One name in the binary options trading platform is that of the “Delta App” binary trading platform. For those who do not know about this trading platform, here is our detailed review of the same. Read on to decide whether this is a reliable platform or not.

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What is the Delta App Trading System?

This is a new name in the binary options trading industry. The trading app promises to the traders the generation of at least 22,005 US Dollars on a daily basis. Now, that is a BIG amount to believe for the first time. Moreover, the trading system is a completely automated trading solution in which no experience or prior knowledge of the binary trading is required by the traders. The traders just need to make the investment and then sit back and enjoy the higher returns. All of these claims seem too superficial to believe in the first instance. Therefore, we provide a detailed review of this trading system for the traders to understand its functioning and legitimacy.

The Delta App trading system is considered to be the brainchild of Jake Hammel. The fact is that the founder of the Delta Investments is not available to speak much about himself. Even the reason is found out. After conducting extensive research about this personality and the alleged founder of the trading system Jake Hammels, it was observed that he is an entirely fictitious person. The claims that have gone viral about an article about this person on Forbes Magazine is also completely fake. Additionally, some more research in the Division of Corporations reveals that there is no existing company named as “Delta Investments”. Therefore, there is by no chance that traders should trust the man (alleged founder) and the company as well.

How Delta App Works?

The claims of the founder of this trading portal say that the trading app works with the help of a very sophisticated financial algorithm that works in an automated manner. The trading system makes use of the space age technology for beating the markers in a legal as well as in an ethical manner. The registration on this trading platform is completely free. The binary trading platform claims that the traders can open an account with this system by filling out a proper registration form. By doing this, they become the authorized member of the trading company.

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After this, the traders can deposit the desired amount of money in the trading system with the selected broker. The trading system claims that the deposit of the traders into this trading platform is entirely safe. After making the deposits, the traders will have to select the proper trading assets upon which they will receive the higher returns and profits. The traders can choose the particular assets with which they would like to do the online binary trading. After turning the trading button as ON, the traders are all good to go. There is no need for them to do anything more after this. The automated trading app takes on the rest of the work to generate higher returns for the traders.

However, all these claims that are presented through a video representation on the official site of the trading system give no clear explanation. There is no clear proof about the information related to the algorithms or strategies that are integrated into the system for achieving the desired results for the online traders. This creates a scenario of suspicion and raises doubts about the trading system being a pure scam.

Disturbing Revelations Made

Once the traders would visit the official site of the Delta App trading system, there is a live session about a client named Kate Matthews that is presented out to the traders. However, for those who could not catch it, this live session is a big bogus lie. The person named Kate did not enter the official page of the trading system just the day before and in a span of one day, she has magically managed to earn great profits. Kate claims that she has managed to earn a whopping amount of 22,005 US Dollars in a single day. This fact is too big to be true. This turns out to be even a bigger topic of humor when she claims that the alleged founder Jake is going to pay her approximately this amount on a daily basis.

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There are several common and innocent traders who might fall for this trap laid out by the founders of the Delta App trading system. However, this is a big time hoax. Moreover, by seeing Kate’s testimony, you must realize the fact that how it is possible to do binary trading by being offline. Now, that is a great signal for a big scam on its way!

To add to these facts, Jake claims that two months ago, his binary trading platform received 10 people every day and his trading company has converted these people into potential millionaires in the span of two months. This is a big lie! A quick research into the database revealed that the domain of the trading app Delta app that supports the trading system has been registered on 4th April, 2017. Given this fact, where is the span of two months as mentioned by Jake for its only May? A big time lie and scam!

Once the online traders would visit the online official site of the Delta App trading system, there are several spotting of the testimonials that are presented to lure in the potential investors. However, all of these testimonials are fake. Lyon France and Piere Maurice who claim to be the Delta beta tester, say that they have managed to earn around 30 thousand bucks in a period of just two weeks. How unrealistic! However, these alleged testers and traders with the trading system are no other than just paid actors with this trading system. They have been given a fake name and some money to present the fake claims and testimonials. Therefore, there is by no chance that these actors and the overall system of the binary options trading platform can be trusted. All of the online traders must be aware of this great scam here!

Several More Shocking Revelations

It can be considered to be a hilarious as well as a ridiculous claim to earn a whopping amount of 22,005 US Dollars in a single day. The biggest catch to this fake claim is that how can the trading platform promise to generate this great amount every single day –even on weekends? There is no hiding the fact that the stock markets across the world remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays. How can then the Delta App trading system operate even on the weekends and be able to generate for its traders as well?

In addition to this, in the video representation, there is no clear indication of the live demo of the trading app as it claims to be. The alleged founder of this app claims of the same, but shows nothing. He claims that he has a balance of around 348 US Dollars left in his wallet after he withdrew a great amount of money from the system. However, after 92 seconds, the balance shows to be 436.75 US Dollars. How is that possible? How is the trading app able to convert the available balance of $348 to $436.75 in just a matter of few seconds? This is never really possible even in the most reliable and legitimate binary options trading platforms. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that this trading system is a pure scam!

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What Happens When One Registers with Delta App Trading System?

Once the online trader would register on the official site of this trading system with proper details like name ad email id, the page redirects the traders to some another page. This page opens up a second video in the member’s area of the trading system. The traders come across a proper form that they need to fill up. This will create a trading account with the particular trading system. The traders can then open a new trading account with the desired broker to begin their online binary trading. As a result of this, the traders are forced to trade with the particular broker by using this trading app.

However, during the video representation of the trading app, there was no mention of the name of any broker that the traders can verify beforehand to be reliable or not. When on the online platform, the traders have to deal with the unreliable brokers, there is no guarantee of the earning of any profits. Moreover, there is a high risk of the illegitimate brokers running away with the hard-earned money of the traders. Such is the case with the Delta App trading system. Also, there is no registered company behind the operation of this trading app that can assure the legitimacy of the overall trading system. As a result of these findings, the traders must be alert of this trading app and must refrain themselves from making any investment into this portal.

Is Delta App Trading System a Scam?

As far as the final verdict of this fraudulent scam is concerned, the traders must not invest their hard-earned money into this online binary trading platform. This trading system makes use of the unreliable and illegitimate brokers to steal your money. This cannot be considered to be a good sign when any online binary options trading system forces a trader to sign up with just one assigned broker. There is no guarantee or fool proof that you are dealing with someone trustworthy.

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The presence of unregulated and unlicensed brokers with this trading app is a great danger sign to look up for and be alert from the same. The presence of unreliable brokers will steal away all your money. Therefore, the bottom line is that the Delta App trading system is a great fraudulent trading scheme and one should not trust this big scam. There is an array of the unanswered questions and fraudulent activities that prove its illegitimacy. Therefore, be alert and make your wise decision of investing money into a reliable and legit binary options trading platform.


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