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Recent years have seen a surge in the number of firms providing “best binary options brokers” services to binary options trading because everyone is the best of course if you ask from them. The need or greed depending on who you ask, to cash in on the Binary options trade has attracted a lot of brokerage firms. Traders are spoiled for choice and turned to reading reviews, like this here, to find out more about a particular broker and for comparison purposes.

One of the new brokers in the game is Dalton Finance, a brokerage company operating from London, England and owned and controlled by Riverrun Partners Ltd. Their trading platform is the new and promising Panda Trading System which comes with its own tools such as the usual High/Low, Range, Hyper (also called Turbo) and One Touch options. These are unique to the platform which is absolutely the best feature of Dalton Finance.

With Dalton Finance, you get more than 70 Assets in world markets including stocks, commodities such as gold and silver, currencies and indices. Their average returns of well above 80% are mouthwatering, especially for new traders. If you are still suspicious, read more or try one of the trusted ones such as IQ Option.

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What does Dalton Finance have to offer?

Dalton’s basket of goodies is not that big but it is pretty sizable to say the least. It includes, among others:

New Trading Platform

Panda Trading System, Dalton Finance’s trading platform is an innovative and user friendly platform just recently introduced to the Binary options trade. It has its own unique trading tools including the likes of:

  1. High/low – This is the basic option in binary options and is all about predicting whether an asset will end the trading period either above or below a certain set price.
  2. Hyper option – This is technically the popular 60 second call/put option in which you make a prediction on the fall or rise of an asset within a minute’s time frame. This option is considerably risky but is also highly lucrative with insane payouts.
  3. One Touch – In the One Touch option, you choose whether the value of an asset will rise above or fall below the strike price which is determined by the trading system. Unlike other options, and as the name suggests, the value needs to hit your predicted price only once for you to be in-the-money. One Touch is also associated with increased risks and thus high returns. It is usually preferred by traders in currencies and commodities.
  4. Long Term options – In these, you choose an asset and the amount you want to trade, then put a stake on whether you think the asset will rise or fall within a stipulated time period. This period can range from a day to even months. Experienced traders with full confidence in their prediction ability find this as an option created specifically for them.

Dalton Finance have added a new feature called social trading on their platform which works by the system identifying the most successful traders in a certain time frame. It then posts their details on the website and other traders can learn from them by clicking on the “Follow” button. This is a completely new concept and Dalton really tried with it. Sooner or later, it is going to be copied by other inferior brokers as it’s always the case in such features.

dalton finance trading program
dalton finance trading program

Educational Center

Dalton Finance provides their members with a chance to learn market basics and trade strategies from their resourceful educational center. To access this, you first need to register an account and make a deposit then click on the Education Center icon on the top bar. As a member, you will get materials such as market analysis, charts and graphs, webtrader guide, a binary options ebook, a full word glossary on binary options terms among other awesome things.

Whether the materials are any useful to a trader or not is yet to be confirmed but Dalton deserves congrats for investing significantly to ensure their clients are well informed.

Asset index

The assets range offered by Dalton Finance is split into stocks, commodities, Forex and indices. The stocks you will find at Dalton are among the most popular in any trade. Talk about big firms like Facebook, Twitter, HSBC, Vodacom and BMW. This is a pretty good selection of stock.

The currency pairs include the most popular currencies in the world. The most common forex pairs are USD/CAD and USD/EUR and USD/Bitcoin.

The commodities you will find at Dalton are the usual gold, silver, oil and copper. The indices are the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 for the United States, the DAX for Germany, the FTSE from the United Kingdom among other major world indices.


Dalton Finance supports several common money transfer methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer and online payment. After opening an account with them, you can make a deposit through one of those methods. The broker assures their clients that their financial and personal details will be kept safe and secure as they encrypt all their banking data using the SSL Software. The required minimum deposit of $200 is slightly below the $250 required by other brokers.

Customer care

Dalton Finance clearly understands the importance of a dedicated and passionate customer support staff. Their contacts are conspicuous on many online avenues which speaks volumes of their dedication to make your binary options trading experience as seamless and smooth as possible. Members can reach the support desk through their phone line 1-800-601-1903 or via email at support@DaltonFinance.com. You can also chat live with them through their website by clicking on the Chat now pop-up bar that keeps showing on the screen as you scroll through. Be aware that you can only reach support for specific hours per day only and not around the clock as you might be used to with other brokers.

Mobile app

Having a mobile app is now an unwritten rule among all binary options brokers. A mobile phone and/or tablet offers more flexibility and convenience than a PC and mobile trading apps help the trader have the low-down on market happenings and receive mobile alerts an options signals. You can download the Dalton Mobile app for free on both Google Play Store or Apple store for your Android or Apple device respectively. The broker supports mobile trading and thus you can use your phone to trade on the go.

dalton finance logo
dalton finance logo

Account Types and registration

After reading all those cool features of Dalton Finance and in the event that you would like to be their client, the first thing you do is create an account, and before you do that you have to be aware of the different types of accounts and what each one of them offers you. Here are the 7 different account types and their features for you:

  • Starter package – This is obviously for the beginners making that first step into the murky waters of Binary options. To open this account, make an initial investment of at least $1000. The package includes free ebook, Webinars and daily market reviews. A 20% Bonus is included in the package.
  • Silver account – A starting investment of $5000 is required to open this account, you will get 30% of that as bonus. You will also be allowed 1 free Dalton academy session and be given one risk free trade. Weekly trading signals are also included.
  • Gold Account – Initial investment amount is set to $10,000 with a 45% Bonus. You will also be able to attend 3 training session at the academy not to mention having 3 risk free trades. You will get a dedicated personal broker to manage your trades with accurate daily signals.
  • Platinum Account – A minimum starting investment of $25,000 is required to open this account which comes with a 60% bonus and 5 risk free trades. Other goodies include 5 training sessions at the Academy and your own broker and account manager. You will also be able to withdraw your earnings on the same day.
  • Diamond Account – This typically comes for about $ 50,000 as initial investment which earns you an 80% bonus and 10 risk free trades. On top of that you will get unlimited VIP access to the Dalton Training academy and a money management system to help you manage your cash. Daily market signals, a Personal broker and assurance of fast withdrawals are the other important promises.
  • Royal account – Now this is an account for the real VIPs, the ones who wouldn’t find it hard to cough up, $100,000 as initial investment to open the account. 50% of that, including the bonus is insured meaning you can’t lose it in a trade. You also get the services of a personal trading coach and an account manager. You will also get to withdraw your money the same day you make the withdrawal request.
  • Corporate account – This account is so exclusive that signing up for it is not that easy. You have to establish contact with a Senior Account manager who will explain more details to you and help you set up the account.

It is important to note that Webinars and free market reviews are common to all account Types.

Registering your account

Creating an account with Dalton Finance is as simple as filling out an application form giving personal details like your name, country, email, phone number and your preferred base currency for transactions. Note that the currency chosen during signing up is permanent, you may never change it. So be wise when making that decision.

The next step is where you choose the account type you want then make an investment according to the requirements of the said account. After you are done with this part, and the money is credited into your trading account, you are automatically directed to the next page which is basically the Trading menu, here is where all the assets are and the Binary options are also here. You choose one, or more, of the options and put a stake depending on the amount you wish to trade and the time frame you want it to expire in.


All in all, Dalton Finance score above average in the innovation and uniqueness sector, what with their efficient trading platform which is simple and doesn’t take a genius to know how to operate. Their website has an elegant feel to it while at the same time being informative, which is kind of hard to find among brokers in binary options.

With all those super cool features and tools, there are however places that Dalton Finance performs poorly. One of those is in the customer service, many brokers are now offering customer care assistance 24hours a day and you would expect Dalton Finance, a new and promising broker to follow suit. The second thing is, they need to approach CySEC, or any other regulatory authority they may wish and obtain licensing and regulation which will surely go a long way in improving client confidence and also attract more new clients. It is such things that make Dalton Finance not a recommended brokerage firm for you as a trader.

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