Currency Movers Review

Currency Movers Review: The binary option robot trading has come a long way since its launch, and so does the ancillary services associated with it. The automated trading software or the binary options signals have seen an exponential growth in recent times, and that’s why it becomes even more imperative for a new trader to gain a complete knowledge about each of them before taking that plunge. We, as a responsible reviewer, provide a complete guide for various service providers, binary options brokers and their offerings.

Today, we will review a new addition to the trading arena, namely the Currency Movers. In the following text, we will reveal some hard facts about the service provider and its services. So, stay tuned…

The Company

The Currency Movers is a software being marketed by the Currency Movers. The note at the bottom of the homepage reads that it is not a company website, and it is owned and operated by an independent group. While the copyrights are reserved by the Avail Designs Global.

The promotional video on the website shows a presentation of the Kaizen Global Presentation and indicates that they are a group of global entrepreneurs. The voice over in the video presents himself as Andre Campbell, an alleged CEO of the company, however, in the entire video, his face hasn’t been shown even a once. This clearly means that he might be a paid voice over actor who has been given a ready-made script to read. Our investigation on Andre Campbell has unearthed that he is not a CEO of the company. The signs we get up until now are not very encouraging about the company, still, we continued our research on the company to know more.

Currency Movers
Currency Movers

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How Does it work?

As discussed, the promotional video on the website has a voice over of a self-claimed CEO of the Currency Movers and the video does not show his face. This clearly means that it is a voice over by some paid actor. Meaning, we cannot believe what has been said or presented in the video itself.

In the promotional video, the onlookers are offered a two-in-one package deal which is claimed to help you make money from the forex market. As the visitors get attracted to the Currency Movers’ website, they are offered another promotional video discussing the kaizenglobal. The kaizenglobal projects itself as an educational website which is aimed to provide quality education to the interested parties. Surprisingly, the educational website (kaizenglobal) comes with a pyramid or multi-level marketing scheme wherein the registered members are offered monetary incentives for bringing in more customers to the website.

Currency Movers Dashboard
Currency Movers Dashboard

The Kaizenglobal Membership

The Currency Movers website is promoting the memberships of the kaizenglobal, which makes it very clear that the promoters were greedy enough to have another website to attract the naïve traders. The kaizenglobal offers two types of memberships to the registered members; distributor membership with a $ 185.99 per month fees, and customer membership with a $ 169.99 per month fees. As soon as you enroll in the currencymovers, you automatically get signed into the kaizenglobal. As they claim, you will receive the signaling service from the currency mover’s software in addition to the world-class education material from the kaizenglobal.

Currency Movers Testimonials
Currency Movers Testimonials

The kaizenglobal claims that as a distributor member if you make seven downlines then you can make approximately $ 40,000 per month. This clearly shows that they are more interested in selling their membership rather than focusing on education and signaling service. As a binary options trader, you definitely don’t want to get involved in such a scheme.

Although, the Currency Movers website claims that it is aimed to provide forex signal service, but it is clearly visible that they want to sell the memberships of the kaizenglobal. They are disguising visitors under the forex trading signal mechanism to lure them into their scheme of things. Most of the visitors of the currency mover will find the kaizenglobal deal better and divert their funds to earn $ 40,000 a month, but in reality, they will be paying to fraudster!

The investigation of the Currency Movers has provided clear insight to some of the most critical aspects though not very encouraging. The following text describes our doubts in details.

Unknown Owners

The promotional video on the website indicates that Andre Campbell is the CEO of the company whereas the organization is owned by a group of entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, the website neither reveals the names of the entrepreneurs nor the face of the CEO. Also, our investigation on the world wide web about the CEO has also provided no encouragement. This clearly means that a paid voice over has been used in the video under a fake name to lure the website visitors. As there is no confirmation about the owners of the website, there is no information regarding the whereabouts of the company nor about the licensing of the company.

Currency Movers Learn, Earn, Capitalize

It is clear that Andre Campbell is a CEO of an organization which just doesn’t exist. The real promoters have created a web of a fake identity to hide. As discussed in many of our articles that this is an age-old technique to disguise and lure the naïve visitors to their scheme of things.

The Package Deal

The website offers a package deal with the kaizenglobal to provide signaling service as well as the education material. Also, the educational website, kaizenglobal seems to be selling their two membership plans of pyramid marketing. The kaizenglobal claims that the member can earn a hefty $ 40,000 per month if they have 7 generations below them. This all doesn’t add up as it is not clear whether they are a forex signal service provider or an educational service provider or a pyramid scheme seller.

It is clear that a kaizenglobal has been using the Currency Movers to attract new member to sell their pyramid scheme.

False Claims

The Currency Movers website also claims that you would not be making any losing trading implying that you would have a 100 percent success ratio with this software. This is something we have never heard in the binary market, as the best of the best signal service providers have a success ratio of about 80 percent. The website also doesn’t provide any proof to support their statement, additionally, on one of the pages of the website, it indicates that it has a success rate of only 80 percent. The dual standard of the website really scares us.

The exorbitant claim technique has been deployed by several frivolous people on the internet, and this one is no different.

Currency Movers Courses

Cooperative Brokers

The signaling service does not work alone and it requires a trading partner to execute the trades. The website of the Currency Movers on their “system” tab shows the names like FX Choice and Traders Way as the forex brokerage houses. However, it does not provide any specifics about the binary brokers. This is clearly disheartening, also, the name shown on the website are not very popular.

The Basics of The Software

The website of the Currency Movers does not provide any information regarding the principles used by their software. Andre Campbell does not indicate anything about why his system is so powerful? The explanation in the promo video is very vague and does not provide any concrete information. It seems that the website is targeting naïve traders to lure and make their members. The non-availability of such crucial information also adds up to our doubts.

Currency Movers Results
Currency Movers Results


The website of the Currency Movers seems to be directed to towards selling the educational material of the kaizenglobal. The website claims a 100 percent success ratio and a two-in-one package deal for the registered members. The kaizenglobal which claims to be an educational website seems to be selling a pyramid scheme to make more and more members. The complete lack of transparency on part of the Currency Movers have put us on the back foot, and also, the website lacks in providing a solid proof regarding their claims. All the aspects of the Currency Movers have not given any confidence to us, also, the website is no way related to binary options trading.

Hence, if you are looking at trading in the binary options through a well-established signaling service then we would recommend you to adhere to the known player – the Option Robot. The Option Robot is an established player in the binary trading arena and is well-known for its commitment to service and their signaling service. It also has well-laid processes to provide world class services to their clients. Other broker standing out the crowd is IQ Option. That one we can proudly recommend for your trading partner.

Overall, we would recommend our readers to completely avoid the Currency Movers and stick with the Option Robot for all your binary options trading requirements.

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