Cogni Trade Review

Cogni Trader Review: Recently, we have received an e-mail from our reader requesting us to review one new Automated Trading Software or Binary Options Signals provider, which ever automated trader or Binary Option Robot it is. Anyway the system is called the Cogni Trade. Hence, we will scan the Cogni Trade under our various lenses to provide you with an in-depth information. The following text provides the details about several aspects of the Cogni Trade for your consumption.

Cogni Trade Review

The first and foremost thing which we look out for in any brokerage or signal service provider is about the promoters of the company. The promotional video on the website shows that Cameron Doyle is the brain behind the software and the website, and he claims that he is an ex-IBM and current CEO of the Cogni Trade. Further digging deep into the website to know the whereabouts of the company has resulted in the dead end.

Also, our research on the internet has also thrown no results informing the location of the business or about Cameron Doyle. We could not establish from any source the correctness of Cameron’s claim of him being an ex-IBM. This is a clear warning signal as indicated in several of our articles. As there is no information regarding the company, there is no information about the registration and licensing details. We further investigated the Cogni Trade to know more about the software.

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How Does it Work?

The website shows a fancy yacht under which golden words from the Cameron Doyle has been written. It indicates that he has made millions using the Cognitive Computing Technology, and the big boys at the wall street know about this but will never reveal as they talk it behind the closed doors.  The website claims that the software has performed tremendously since the beginning, and the total profit count has climbed to $ 136,650,100. It also claims that with a success rate of 95.2 percent it is the holy grail everyone is looking for.

Cogni Trade
Cogni Trade

As indicated in the promotional video of the website, the software is designed to find the most profitable opportunity in the market and provide signals with 95.2 percent accuracy. The software uses state of the art technology to provide signals as soon as it senses an opportunity in the market. The website also guarantees that a minimum of $ 1,500 per day can be made by utilizing their services while the large payouts are also possible. It further adds that they customers have made as high as $ 16,000 in a day.

The customer needs to enroll themselves on the website, select one of the affiliated brokerage houses and make a deposit to start trading on the website. The website indicates that it has been designed with a cutting-edge technology of Cognitive Computing Technology which is available with the select few in the world. It can process tons of data in real-time to search for a profitable opportunity in the market and when it is 100 percent sure about the opportunity then only it sends signals to their clients. The website also boasts that it has an impeccable accuracy of 92.5 percent which makes their registered members make $ 1,500 daily. However, these tall claims have not been backed by any data nor the website’s disclaimer page.

On the homepage of the website, it uses “guaranteed $ 1,500 daily” whereas on the disclaimer page it states that “due to the high-risk nature of trading, ‘Cogni Trade’ explicitly does not make any express or implied warranties or guarantees that user will make any profit or that users will not lose any or all deposited investment funds”. We leave it up to you to decide the trustworthiness of a broker who “Guarantees” on the homepage and “disowns” the same on the disclaimer page.

Cogni Trade Accuracy
Cogni Trade Accuracy

One of the prominent features of the promotional video is that it uses the real people like Dharmendra Modha, Manager, Cognitive Computing, IBM Research, and Eric Brown, director, Watson Technologies Research.  We are sure that these individuals name and faces have been used to allure the naïve in the market, also, the “bytes” of this gentleman has been picked up from the YouTube videos and without their consents. This clearly means that the real promoters are not afraid to use the faces of known personalities to disguise the onlookers.

The promotional video also shows some of the customers boasting about the software and its success rate. However, our research to find the genuine review on the world wide web have ended without a result. This clearly means that the faces used in the promotional video to boast about the software are fabricated and are far from the reality.

The investigation on the ‘Cogni Trade’ has revealed several aspects of the software, website, and the promoters but there are still some concerns which remained unanswered, and we have enlisted hereunder for your consumption.

Real Owners Behind This System?

The person named as the founder and CEO of the Cogni Trade is Cameron Doyle who claims to be an ex-IBM. However, our research on the Cameron Doyle and ‘Cogni Trae’ have resulted in nothing. Also, the website shows two gentlemen at the start of the video which seems out of context for them and also, the promotional video shows some reviews of their customer as ‘bytes’ during the video who doesn’t do anything but boasts the software and its success rate.

The dead-end to investigation means that there is something terribly wrong with what has been claimed and shown on the website. It is clear that the person claiming to be Cameron Doyle may also be faking or paid actor reading his script.

Over The Head Claims

The website not only claims but guarantees a sum of $ 1,500 per day with an automated software with a killing 92.5 percent accuracy. Either of those two statements is wrong, as they are guaranteeing something that must have a 100 percent success ratio or they are just bluffing to attract the people in their scheme. The over exaggerated claims are definitely indigestible as the best known automated binary software service provider have achieved the success ratio of only about 80 percent. These insane claims are also not backed by any substantial data on the website.

Cogni Trade Features
Cogni Trade Features

The homepage of the website provides “Guarantee” on the amount of money one can make by using the software while on the disclaimer page the website completely disowns the “guarantee” itself. The dual standards of the website are scary to any logical thinking individual.

These are all known techniques deployed by many websites. They claim something unbelievable on the front page, and hide from the law by writing in small letters under disclaimer page. The double entendre of the website is a clear indication of the intentions of the promoters.

Limited Spots

Mr. Doyle in the promotional video also indicates that the software is available to only select few. He will allow only 20 members per day and will limit further enrollments. This is also one of the old technique to induce the customer to make an immediate purchase which has been successfully utilized by several e-commerce companies. This technique is also very common amongst scrupulous websites and promoters.

We urge our readers to stay away from making any impulse purchase and further advise our readers to read all the terms and conditions before making any purchase.

The Technology

The website in its name and its promo video reiterates again and again about the Cognitive Computing. The Cognitive Computing is an evolving technology and it is apparently used by the like of IBM to process large data.

Even if the technology is not a myth, it is still not available easily in the market. Also, the technology is more about the cognitive process and has nothing to do with the financial trading. This clearly indicates that the promoters want to attract a large number of naïve traders to their scheme of things with some unheard technological name.

Cogni Trade Promotion
Cogni Trade Promotion

Cooperative Brokers

You would appreciate that any automated bot cannot operate on its own and it requires a brokerage house as an intermediary to execute the trades. On such an important aspect of the automated bots, the website remains completely silent and provides no clue whatsoever about the affiliation. The website also does not provide any information on how the trades would be executed in the market. The lack of the most important information adds to our already mounting doubts.


The website of the Cogni Trade makes some tall claims like 92.5 percent success ratio and “guaranteed” $ 1,500 earnings per day. The website also indicates that it uses the most coveted Cognitive Computing to their advantage and the software has been developed by an ex-IBM and his associates. Cameron Doyle, the self-claimed CEO of the website, also goes on to inform that the enrollment is available to only select few per day. However, the website remains completely silent on the parameters of executing the trade and affiliates. The website also does not provide any proof of the exorbitant claims but it goes on to dismiss the ‘guarantee’ in their disclaimer page. The sheer lack of information on the website made us believe that everything on the website is a marketing tactic to lure the investors and it cannot be trusted.

Hence, we would recommend a known automated software service provider – the Option Robot. The Option Robot has established itself over a period of time with consistent delivery and with their superior services. The Option Robot also has an affiliation with known binary brokers such as IQ Option etc. who have obtained their license from a known regulatory body. The Option Robot uses established technical indicators to provide signals to their client, also, the process can be done manually or automatically.

After reviewing the Cogni Trade, we recommend our readers to stay away from it as it cannot be trusted. We further reiterate that the readers should look for an established trading bot like the Option Robot for their trading needs.  

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