Charity Profits App Review

Charity Profits App Review: Of late, the popularity of binary option robot  and binary trading in general as a lucrative means of making money online has really exploded. The explosion has come with several trading systems and binary options brokers being offered to traders. Such systems are meant to simplify trading and make it more lucrative for traders. While some of such binary options signals software’s actually assist traders, others are just scams designed to just take their initial deposit when they sign up. Charity Profits App is one of the available options that is claimed to assist traders by its creator.

According to Megan Sanders, the alleged creator of Charity Profits App, the software never loses any trade. The ‘innovative software’ as claimed by the creator, is said to make men as well as women millionaires within just months of beginning to use it to trade.

Whether these claims are true or false is what this article sets out to establish. This is to assist you in making an informed decision concerning the most reliable automated trading software to use for your trading. Let’s find out if it is a real rival to Option Robot in automated trading or IQ Option as a broker means.

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Charity Profits App Review

According to the alleged creator and presenter of its promotional video, Charity Profits App is a ‘one of a kind’ signal software for lucratively trading the binary options market. With a scanty, unprofessional looking website, the software appears to have been intended to appeal mainly to women who lack any binary options trading experience.

The app is claimed to completely run on the auto trading model. This means that it does not require any manual input from traders to earn them the promised huge profits. The creator claims to have been touched on a visit to an unnamed African country. The poverty, malnutrition and resultant deaths she noticed during this visit prompted her to gather a team of expert data analysts and programmers to develop the system.

She says the primary objective of the system is that every trader who uses the system should donate a tiny percentage of earned profits to an unknown charity group. By doing this, she then ensures that traders become successful and the poverty stricken masses are happy.

Charity Profits App

The Charity Profit App Website

The system’s website is very scanty and devoid of the normal information one would expect to find on the website of any valuable trading software. The promotional video sits on most of the homepage with a sign up form field just beneath it.

The sign up field requires you to input your email address then click the ‘click here to get started’ button. Apart from these two elements, the only other notable contents on the website are situated at the bottom.

There you will find the ‘contact us’, ‘privacy’, ‘disclaimer’ and ‘copyright’ links. There is no data concerning how the robot and its algorithm function, any affiliated brokers or how to use the system anywhere on the website. Not even any claims made for the system or testimonies from users are included on the homepage.

Features of the Charity Profits App

With the system’s website being as scanty as it is, all the promises of what the system can do and its major features are contained in the promotional video. Most of the features and promises are way beyond being normal. Here is a recap of the features which the system uses as bait in the promotional video.

  • The Charity Profits App is said to be free. It is said to be free for you to use once you sign up to the platform. Well, most scam systems also claim to be free. The question to ask is whether it is really free.
  • The creator states in the video presentation that the software is fully automated. That means you do not need any trading experience to use it. She even categorically says that you do not need to follow trends, study the markets and charts or, conduct any research whatsoever to profit from the system.
  • The video also claims that the automated system trades and profits on your behalf 24/7. This means that it carries out trades on your behalf everyday of the week even while you are sleeping.
  • The software is claimed to have made over $1.7 million in pure profits for traders that used it last year. This means that the software has been in existence for over a year now. At least this much was stated by the creator in the video.
  • The video claims that you will surely earn a minimum of $4,100 in profits if you try the software for free before the day runs out. The creator even promises to personally reimburse you with $5,000 if you do not. This is supposed to be a guarantee that you will surely make the profit.
  • The video claims that the software never loses a trade. It always wins on all trades it undertakes. This means that the software has a guaranteed 100% winning rate on all trades it undertakes.
  • The video contains testimonials given by some members purported to have made huge profits by using the software to trade.
  • The creator also claims in the video that the software will surely make you a millionaire within ten months. This means you will surely become a millionaire before the end of the tenth month after you begin using the software.
  • The creator says once you accept the free software, then you are automatically agreeing that a minimum of 5% of your earnings from trades will go to one among several charities she has selected for the purpose of receiving such donations.

Charity Profit App Features and Promises:

Considering the unbelievable nature of the majority of the promises and features of the software, a thorough investigation was undertaken to ascertain the legitimacy of all the claims. The following astonishing facts were uncovered by the deep research.

1. Expensive ‘Free’ Software

The claim that you will get the Charity Profit App free is false. Even though there is no information concerning the software, its linked broker or its mode of use on the website, scams work pretty much the same. You are lured with free software to sign up but you do not get to use the software from the member’s area until, you have paid the deposit into the account of the unregistered broker linked to the software. You are then limited from withdrawing until you have reached a certain trading volume. By this time, you would have lost the deposit you made.

2. Unrealistic Automation

Granted, trading systems are supposed to make the process easy for you by eliminating certain tasks. You should begin to get cautious when a system says you do not need to undertake any research, follow any trends or study any markets to make profits. Even common sense should tell one that this is impossible with the unpredictability of financial markets and the volatile nature of virtual assets.

3. Impossible 24/7 Auto Trading

The promise that, the software trades and profits on your behalf everyday for the seven days of every week is impossible. This could be a sign that our ‘creator’ is actually not a trader or that she knows little to nothing about binary options trading. The markets are closed during the weekends so trading activities can only be undertaken for five days every week.

Charity Profits App Bonuses

4. $1.7 million Profits in an ‘Unreal’ 1 year

The claim that the software has been in existence for over a year and has made over $1.7 million in profits by the creator is false. This research dug deep and discovered that the software’s website was actually launched on the 1st of May, 2016. The system was not in existence one year ago.

5. The Creator Owes Many Users $5,000!

This study discovered that the creator owes an uncountable number of traders $5,000 each. This is in fulfillment of the promise she made. She promised to give any user that does not make a minimum of $4,100 in a day by using the free trial version that amount. Well, users have used it and made no money at all. She should start paying them the promised $5,000.

6. Guaranteed 100% ‘Winning (or losing?)’ Rate

This profound study confirmed that there is no such thing as 100% accuracy and winning rate in the volatile market of virtual assets. Traders all accept that losing in trades some of the times is a part of the game. In fact, it is one of the elements that make it interesting for expert traders. Tested, trusted and popular systems hardly claim above 80% accuracy on the average.

7. Fake User Testimonials

All the user testimonials in the promotional video are unverified. One thing you need as a trader is a mentor and not what others have gained. User testimonials hardly assist you in any way. They are just used to convince you into signing up. Moreover, all those that gave the testimonials are actors that were hired for peanuts. If you are in doubt just perform a search for their images on and see what this outstanding research found out.

8. Ten Month Millionaire

The creator swears that you will become a millionaire within 10 months of using the software. For god’s sake even a layman will know that such a claim is outrageous. Granted, option trading is lucrative and that is why you are interested in the first place. But such outrageous claims are just unattainable. The 5% you are asked to donate to charity is also a farce. There is no information concerning how it is calculated and deducted or, which charities it goes to anywhere on the website or in the video. Is this just not another way of taking your money?

9. Megan Sanders

Megan Sanders from all indications gotten by this research is no creator of any software. She appears to be just an actress that was hired and paid to act out an advert script. Some of the facts this research unearthed about her include;

  • Her claim to being an expert financial analyst with a high-class European bank is false. There is no evidence anywhere that she was the head of the trading section of any European bank at any point in time. Such an important position would have come up in financial circles. But even a search through profiles did not yield any results for the post she claims to have held in the past.
  • In the video, she states that she visited Africa and the conditions that confronted her led to creating the software. This study has proved this as false. There is no record or verification anywhere that she has ever visited Africa at any point in time.
  • Megan Sanders is an identity that was just created to market the software. The lady that goes by the name in the promotional video is just an actress that sells video testimonial acting skills on a micro-job website.

Just watch the part where the ‘supposed’ creator stands in a black suit and skirt facing the camera directly. She seems to be reading directly from a script placed in front of her.


Although this article does not want to label the software an outright scam, the findings of the research carried out on the Charity Profits App contain so many elements of scam trading systems. Unlike tested and trusted legitimate systems like Option Robot, most scams are full of just what traders stand to gain and little to nothing of how the systems actually function.

Option Robot is a valuable binary option auto trading software that explicitly explains the algorithm which the robot uses to determine market trends. The software’s professional and user-friendly website offers vital information on how to use the system and how to become a much better binary options trader. What’s more, the system even uses SSL certificate connection to ensure that all your financial interactions and connections with the website are private, safe and secured.

If you are looking to join a trading system that is surely lucrative to trade with, one that will ensure that your knowledge and experience as a binary options trader keeps increasing, then Option Robot is worth being given a try.

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