Cash Formula Review

Cash Formula Review: Many individuals all over the world are joining the binary options trading business day after day. This is because they have been told that it is among the fastest and most lucrative ways of making money online. It is true that binary option trading with best brokers can be lucrative but like every business, it does come with its own level of risk. The level of risk involved in the business model is a bit above average just in proportion to how rewarding it can be. Traders then have to look for viable means of lowering this risk level so they can win more than they lose when trading the markets. One way of lowering that risk is to use a binary robot as a helping hand.

This need to lower risk has given rise to the development of many auto trading systems and software with each claiming to be the best in the market. The popularity of using such software has risen so much that scams are beginning to flood the market from every angle. This has given rise to another challenge for the trader who is looking to make some decent profit from the market. The challenge is that of separating the few legitimate ones from those that are scams. The availability of so many options is very confusing for traders.

Cash formula is one of the options which traders have as an option. With a presentation and look that will impress almost anybody, you should not let yourself be deceived by appearances. This is because the quality and effectiveness of the system, signal software or robot you use is the first determinant of how far you can go in modern binary options trading. This review is intended to assist you in making an informed decision whether this system can take you as far as you want to go. It is intended to inform you enough to decide whether the system is worth putting your investment dollars into.

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Cash Formula Review

Cash Formula is a binary options auto trading software presented by one supposed Mr. Tim Stafford. The system also called CF files is claimed to be given to him by a mentor of his. He claims to have used the system to become a millionaire for many years now. He then turns around a bit to claim that the software was developed by a certain top 1% of anonymous elite traders who used it as a secret weapon to win in market trades.

Mr. Tim claims that the robot follows supposed ‘money waves’ (market money flows) thereby knowing exactly when and how any market is trending. This basically means that the robot follows the business cycle, rise and fall, of all markets within the global economy.

The systems website is very simple, has a nice presentation but is very unprofessional in appearance. The main page contains only the pitch video as well as the necessary links to the disclaimer and privacy policy pages. It does not present any useful resources for those that might want to learn about the company and its system or those that might want to be educated about the business. In fact, the website does not even have an email address or any chat functionality for individuals that might desire to contact the management.

This is similar to how most scam sites are presented. It is not the only loophole that was noticed in the system’s set up. There are several others that need to be looked into.

Cash Formula Main Page

The Cash Formula Website

Like has been mentioned, the system’s website does not appear professional at all. For a system that is promising to make life-changing amounts of money for traders, a lot of necessary information is absent from the site.

The story behind the software which is told in the presentation video on the site just doesn’t seem to be convincing. It leaves many questions that have to be answered. From the video’s positioning on the page to the CAT (call to action) that was placed beside it, several things about the main page just seem not to make sense.

  • Sign Up: The sign up button on the main page says you should enter you first name and your best email address to qualify for an instant bonus that could be as much as $100,000. Does that really make sense? Why would a system that will surely make you a millionaire in the no distant future give you that kind of money just for signing up? Mr. Tim also promises that you will be taken to a page where you will get his personal details so you can personally contact him when you give the name and email address. This is very untrue. Once you put the required information in the appropriate fields, you are redirected to an anonymous broker’s page where you are directed to pay the initial deposit.
  • Free or Not Free: This should have come under how the system works. But the observation was made while trying out the sign up process. Is the system actually free? The answer to this could be yes and it could be no depending on where you are viewing it from. Yes! The software is free. But you cannot go on straight to the trading platform to try things out immediately after registration. You can never get onto the platform until you have paid the initial deposit. Does this not seem as if you are being forced to pay the deposit before you can visit the trading platform? Ordinarily, legitimate systems allow traders access to their trading platform to try out things before deciding if they really want to pay the deposit.
  • Countdown Timer: The countdown timer on the website is utterly meaningless. You are advised to hurry through the sign up process before the timer expires and you become locked out of the system for the rest of your life. One amazing thing is that people don’t realize is that such tricks will always be found out and brought to the open. If you wait and let the timer expire nothing happens. You will always be able to access the website again right after. So, the issue of being locked out is actually false. It is just a scheme to create a feeling of scarcity. The same thing also goes for the note next to the video which urges you not to exit the page or your slot goes to the next person. This note is meant just to create a feeling of urgency and mislead inexperienced traders. Shut down your PC, close the website’s window or go out of your office. No matter how many times and in what manner you exit the page, your secret spot will always still be available any time you come back to the website. The whole thing is just a ploy to get people to sign up to the system.

There are so many other aspects of the website that appear senseless. But other aspects of the whole system must also be looked into. So, let the matter of the unprofessional website and all its flaws be rested for now to look into the other aspects.

The Cash Formula Video

The system’s video itself seems to be full of professional actors Mr. Tim Stafford included. If you watch the video critically, you will notice that at a point, he seems to be looking a bit upwards and directly in front of him. He seems to be reading from a script that is held in front of him.

Such are the small details which scammers always overlook when preparing their little schemes. Small details which eventually give them away when observed by experienced traders.

  • Michael Burry: There is an interview with Michael Burry that lasted for about sixty minutes in the presentation video. True! Mike is a hedge fund manager who is very famous. But have you asked why Mr. Tim’s narration of how Mike used the system to make $750 overshadowed the interview? Is it not possible that Mike wasn’t relating to the system at all in the interview? It is true that Mike did a personal market research and foresaw mortgage subprime deals to bet against. He guessed the market was going to crash and his bet made a huge sum of money for his firm. But there is no record anywhere whether online or offline that Cash Formula was involved at all. It appears as if the system is just trying to claim credit for all celebrated trading episodes without actually contributing any quota to the events.
  • Tim Stafford: Yes! The co-founder and CEO himself. He mentioned in the video that he had used the software to have turned himself into a millionaire. He shows that he had attained this status ‘over the years’ and has also enabled many random users to attain the status too. For an individual who has been a millionaire ‘over the years’, one who has made several others millionaires too ‘over the years’, a millionaire whom Michael Burry has been able to make $750 million through his system, why hasn’t any famous financial news outlet or website featured him yet? Why does Google not carry any social profile link in his name? Why does the whole world know Michael Burry who has used ‘his system’ and what he has achieved? Just try answering these questions and you will begin to get the drift.
Cash Formula Claims

Cash Formula’s 60 Second Trades and Other Claims

The system’s presentation video claims that the app centers on 60 second trades. Sincerely speaking, the trading market is too volatile for an expiry period of 60 seconds. Winning one trade in every 60 seconds of trading is quite impossible. It just cannot happen.

Tim also promised that the system will make traders millionaires in a very short period of time by earning them $20,000 daily. Binary option trading is very volatile therefore you have no guarantee that you are definitely going to earn a certain fixed amount on a daily basis. This is even more so if you factor in the fact that the initial deposit in your trading account is just $250.

As for the software’s success rate, Mr. Tim says it is at least 78% and keeps rising as you use it to trade through the day. But if this were true, why then is he putting a profit cap of $20,000 per day on the software. If it has the ability to trade as accurately as claimed, then why is it being limited to a certain amount as a daily profit cap? Doesn’t this seem like another red flag?


To the ‘get rich quick’ advocate and the inexperienced trader, the Cash Formula system might look very tempting. But it is always good that you should look below the surface before signing up to any binary options trading system software. This is so you do not regret doing so in the end.

With all the flaws that have been pointed out, the anonymous nature of most players in the Cash Formula system, the claims and promises made by the app that seem out of this world, it is advisable that you look very well before you leap. This is not to say the system is being labeled as a scam outright. But when in doubt, you should know that there are always better and proven options out there. There are so many of them like Option Robot that you can choose from.

Option Robot is a binary options auto trading system software. The popularity of the system just keeps rising as more and more traders get to use it and give positive feedback about it. The Option Robot system was created in such a way that it is able to control and regulate risk level in every financial investment tool it trades. This is achieved through the many risk management systems like Classic and Fibonacci that is uses.

You have a variety of registered, licensed, certified and regulated brokers to choose from when you sign up to the system. This is because Option Robot carefully screens all the brokers it deals with to ensure that they meet all necessary requirements.

With a sleek and user-friendly website, the system provides you with every resource and information to make you the best and most profiting trader you can be. So, if you are into binary options trading for the long haul, looking to be the best trader you can be, desiring to amass as much money as can possibly be gotten from the market, then Option Robot is certainly the auto trading system that will assist you in achieving all these.

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