Cambridge Method Review

Cambridge Method Review: Binary options trading as a worthwhile means of making money online continues to attract a lot of new entrants. Individuals keep trooping to join because of its lucrative nature. But the online opportunity has its own peculiar challenges. Choosing the best autotrading or robot software that will best suit a trader is one of the foremost challenges. Trading systems are supposed to make the process faster, easier and more profitable for traders. The rising popularity of options trading has caused a proliferation of such software. This has made a lot of them claim to be the best option. Cambridge Method is one of such software.

With a long, colorful and cluttered website, the academic sounding system promises to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for traders within just 30 days. Alleged to have been created by a supposed Mr. Jake Orton, the auto trading system makes a guarantee of a huge amount of daily returns for traders.

Seeing that the system has made so many bogus claims, this article is a detailed analysis of the broker platform and the people behind it. It will assist you in coming to an informed decision whether the system is worth your investable dollars or not.

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What is the Cambridge Method?

Cambridge Method is a binary options trading system that promises to help traders earn hundreds of thousands of dollars within just 30 days. The presenter of the system’s promotional video, one Mr. Jake Orton who claims to be the creator of the software, even promises to personally pay traders $10,000 if they fail to earn the guaranteed amount.

The presenter states that the system’s unique ‘proprietary algorithm’ makes earning the promised amount quite possible. He adds that traders can earn the whopping amount regardless of whether they have any options trading knowledge or not.

Cambridge Method Main Page

The creator claims to have been a ‘risk analyst modeler’ (whatever that title means) for over 4 years at the London Stock Exchange. He says he spent years developing and testing the method that has made him a very rich man today. He goes on to create an appearance of scarcity by saying only his nearest friends and family had access to the system until recently that he has decided to offer just ‘a few accounts’ to the trading public.

The Cambridge Method Website

The system’s website is very long and cluttered. So many elements clutter the website but the expected vitals of trading system websites like, how the robot functions, how much is the initial deposit and how to use the system are all missing.

A section labeled ‘Live Traders’ around the middle of the website looks so ordinary and empty. The lower square of the section is what keeps flashing figures that look like trading data. The lower part of the website, with a very wide empty space is where the success stories are. Below the wide empty space of the section are images of purported satisfied users giving testimonies on Facebook and Twitter.

With the narrator of the promotional video claiming that only 25 spots are left, one would remember that every scam always has a limited number of spots left to be filled. Jake Orton, the narrator of the promotional video seems so preoccupied with the huge amounts traders can earn that he even forgets to introduce himself before delving into his lines.

Features and Promises of the Cambridge Method App

Here are the features and promises of the Cambridge Method system;

  • The system’s website states that the software is 100% free. This means that you do not pay anything to use it. But most trading software are also advertized as free. The question to ask is; is it actually free?
  • The website and the promotional video both guarantee a daily profit earning of £1,011.88 for users. This is the profits you are guaranteed to earn from trades on a daily basis.
  • The website states that the software is 100% safe. It adds under the safety box that a sophisticated algorithm has tested and verified the method. This means you do not carry any risk at all when you use the system.
  • The website states that you can get phone, email and chat support in 12 languages every single hour of every single day of every single week. This portrays a very dependable customer support system.
  • The system’s website displays live trades. The display even consists of alleged ‘helpful system alerts’ that notify you whenever any trader has won a trade. This is intended to assure that the system is really working and making money for users.
Cambridge Method Features
  • The website carries images of satisfied users who gave testimonies either through the system’s Facebook fans page or its Twitter handle.
  • The system’s website claims a 97.56% accuracy ratio for the software. This in simple terms means that for every 100 trades executed by the software, it will surely win around 98 of them.
  • The video guarantees that every trader that uses the software will surely make hundreds of thousands of dollars within just 30 days (one month). This is intended to assure you that the returns on your investment will be huge and quick.
  • Jake Orton guarantees in the presentation video that he will surely pay any trader who does not earn the promised profits $10,000 from his own pockets. This is a move that is meant to assure you that you will certainly earn the profits.

What’s True and What is False?

Considering the huge nature of all the promises made and all the features claimed for the system, a thorough and detailed analysis and research was carried out to verify their authenticity. So many interesting facts were uncovered by the analysis and research. The major ones are;

1. Expensive Free Software

The claim by the website that the software is free is untrue. Granted you might be able to sign up and download it for free. But you cannot access it from the member’s area until you have paid the initial deposit into your linked broker’s account. After paying the deposit, you will be limited from withdrawing from your account until you have attained a certain specified trade volume. You would have lost your initial deposit amount before you reach the specified minimum trade volume. This means that the software actually costs you the deposit amount.

2. Unreal Guaranteed Daily Earnings

The over £1,000 daily profit earnings guaranteed on the website have never been verified to have been earned anywhere. With every bogus promise of the system being guaranteed why has there been no user that has verified having earned the daily profits. Even legitimate and trusted systems never offer daily earnings proposals above $800 or $900 at most.

3. Is the Software ‘Safe’ or Really Unsafe?

The claim on the website that the software is 100% safe is a big farce. What measures have been put in place to ensure its security? Nothing is said about such measures. The creator just expects you to take his words for it. Even the other safety claim that an alleged ‘sophisticated algorithm’ has tested and verified the system’s method was not verified anywhere on the website or in the video.

4. Unavailable 12 Language Customer Support

This analysis and research discovered that the purported phone, email and chat support that is allegedly available in 12 different languages is very much unavailable. There is no phone number, email support form or online chat link provided anywhere on the system’s website or promotional video for contacting the support team. And it is a fact that the quality of customer support contributes greatly to the success of any binary options trading system.

5. JavaScript Live Trades

This research discovered that the live trades and system alerts that are displayed on the website are just parts of a gimmick. They are actually both written from a JavaScript that keeps refreshing. This makes it appear like the data is changing to reflect what is currently happening in the market. But a closer look revealed to this analysis that the script just keeps refreshing and displaying the same figures.

6. Unverified User Testimonials

All the user testimonials contained in both the video and on the website are fakes. None of them is verified. The users in the video are just paid actors that were cheaply hired from micro-job sites to act out a script. As for the images on the website, just perform a Google image search for them and you will be amazed at what you will uncover just like this fact-finding study did.

Cambridge Method Testimonials

7. Impossible 97.56% Accuracy Ratio Claim

The more than 97% accuracy ratio claimed for the software is very impossible. Such a ratio is just way too impractical. Every trader knows that wins and losses are twin brothers that walk together in binary options trading. Even the most trusted legitimate systems are known to never claim a ratio that is above about 80%.

8. The Biggest Lie of All

The promise by the creator in the video that the system is guaranteed to make you over $100,000 within 30 days is the biggest lie of all. Expert traders know that a combination of other factors work together with software quality to earn you profits. Even when all of these factors are optimally present, it is just way too impossible to accrue this much within just 30 days as discovered by this study.

9. Jake Orton’s Unfulfilled Promise

Mr. Orton has never fulfilled his promise of personally paying any trader who does not make the £1,000 + guaranteed daily earnings with the software. Thank god that he states by himself in the promotional video that he has never paid anybody the promised amount. The creator himself seems to be an identity that was formulated just to market the software. He gets so absorbed in what material gains can accrue to users in the beginning of the video that he actually forgets to introduce himself.

He gets so absorbed into the material gains that he does not remember to say anything about how the system’s robot algorithm functions. Traders would have benefited much more from such information instead of what other users have gained.

Cambridge Method Jake Him Self

In Summary

There are so many inconsistencies within the Cambridge Method system that one does not know where to begin. What does one make of a system that contradicts itself even with the scanty information it offers.

Why is it that all financial figures on the system’s website are denominated in pounds sterling while those in the video are denominated in dollars? Is this a mistake or an oversight? Well, this is just the way with most trading system scams. Unlike trusted and legitimate systems like Option Robot, all scams always come with such inconsistencies.

Option Robot is a binary options trading system that offers clear and concise information both on its website and in its promotional video. Its website, which is very professional in appearance, very functional and very user friendly, provides all necessary information. It provides information beginning from how the system’s robot actually functions to how a trader should navigate through and use the software.

Option Robot has received a lot of positive reviews from real users that have actually traded and profited with the valuable software. Their testimonies all link back to their social media accounts. This is to enable individuals that desire to verify them contact them directly.


Although the purpose of this article is not to label Cambridge Method as an outright scam, the red flags it presents seem to be giving it the label already. Legitimate trading system options like Option Robot never display such red flags.

Option Robot lays every aspect of its trading system completely on the table for you so you can be best informed before making your decision whether to sign up. It ensures your safety and security by using the latest SSL connection technology.

In short, if you desire to make legitimate and modest profits from the binary options trading market while, increasing your knowledge and expertise of options trading simultaneously, then Option Robot is surely the best system that will fulfill your dreams.

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