Brexit Money Machine Review

Brexit Money Machine Review: Human beings, probably due to limited resources available, have learnt to take advantage of every situation for their own benefit. Sometimes it is for the general good and sometimes, well.

In the binary options brokers or binary option robot industry, either way, we have seen about everything there is. From over the top promises of huge profits which later turn into disappointments to phony salesmen hired from Fiverr and to all sorts of business names. Recently, the UK held a vote to determine whether they get to stay in the EU and in what shocked the world, chose to leave the economic block. The vote, and the subsequent choice The software, created by one Arnold Palmer, is quite controversial and we came across scathing reviews and feedback which prompted us to do one for the record. Since we are all for integrity and above-board performance, we went in with a critical eye and took nothing we read and/or heard seriously. At the end of the day, the truth be to leave, came to be known as Brexit and had significant impacts on international relations and international markets.

And as we expected, some crooks saw that as a business opportunity and run with it. Several automated trading softwares themed around Brexit were released a few days after the referendum and quickly became sensations, no doubt due to the prevailing psyche at the time.

One of those is Brexit Money Machine, which is our subject for today came evident and is as presented below. At this point if you want to SAVE some money and time we strongly recommend to check out  IQ Option and Option Robot

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What is Brexit Money Machine?

How Brexit Money Machine works is pretty complicated and hard to understand as Arnold Palmer sacrificed simplicity for heavy words to appear sophisticated. The result is a bunch of jargon that looks good on paper but doesn’t make any logical sense. So basically, Arnold says that the software is driven by an inbuilt code called Phoenix. As it turns out, the Phoenix code is a top secret underground market analyzer that holds the key to success in financial trading. Phoenix uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scan market data and make predictions of price movements after factoring in the Brexit effect.

Brexit Money Machine Promises

Apparently, Phoenix is also a type of Deep Learning platform which makes its signals highly accurate. Now, we’ve never heard anything like a Phoenix platform in binary options and we’re not alone in that. It probably doesn’t even exist and is only a marketing strategy intended to lure unsuspecting people by sounding sophisticated. However, we know quite a bit about Deep Learning platforms, and we can attest to their complexity and, consequently, accuracy. But to be fair, we don’t think Brexit Money Machine works on that. If it did, there wouldn’t be so many complaints online about traders losing all their investments in hours in trades gone bad.

Quite a good back story there, albeit a corny one. Now we focus on the main story about Brexit Money Machine and which is the main selling point of the software.

The Promises

Notably, scams such as Brexit Money Machine which don’t have any sensible content use big promises to lure clients. Human beings, despite being regarded as the smartest creatures on earth, are not that smart as it were as they still fall victim to such obvious lies. In the case of Arnold Palmer and the Brexit Money Machine, the promises of quick riches take center stage. These are not new and have been said before by a lot of people using different words. Sadly, they are still effective in baiting some naive people. The promises and claims are as listed below, with a few points of criticism from us:

a) Daily returns of $5,203 –

This appears everywhere, from the promo video to the site’s advertisement material and very conspicuously at the top of the web page. It is actually the first thing you see when you land on the page, and if you are the greedy type, your heart skips a bit at the mention of all that FREE money. Now, let’s get this straight, many people would do anything (well, almost) to get access to a software, binary options or not, which will assure them of $5k per day. Arnold Palmer knows this and that’s why he uses this as the main point and has the timely advantage of the Brexit phenomenon to explain the absurd profits. Unfortunately, all this is pure hogwash.

In years of interacting with binary options trading bots, we have never come across one that would guarantee such amounts in a day. All those that promise such as scams and will instead steal the little money you have. The legit softwares are not advertised in such manner as it’s practically impossible to determine the amount of profits one will get in binary options per day. The options trade is very risky and volatile and you might make $3,000 in one day and lose $5,000 in the next. Simply put, binary options, like gambling is a game of luck, and you can’t be really sure when you’re talking about luck.

b) Limited Spots

When you access the Brexit Money website, which is very public and not hidden as Arnold claims, you will find a pop up which shows at the bottom left of the page indicating the number of spots available for free registration. At the beginning, the number is higher and keeps decreasing with time and gets stuck at 1, to show you how you have an exclusive chance of joining the so called Money making club.

That, folks, is pure lies. If you get your friend(s) to visit the site using different devices, you will find that the eventual number of slots available in your screens will be 1 on all your screens. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that this is a programmed thing designed to psychologically dupe people to register with the software by creating on them the impression that they are one of very few people who got access to it.

Brexit Money Machine Testimonials

c) Deposit Bonus

Another pop up that comes up during the promo video claims that you stand to get a $2,000 deposit bonus if you sign up then. This bonus will presumably be given by the selected broker, who we found out is not regulated, and you could use it in your trading. However, this is a trap and is for marketing purposes only. When you receive that bonus – note the terms and conditions are not openly stated – you lock up your entire account. You won’t be able to make any withdrawals before you get to the minimum wagering requirements which are set extra high for obvious reasons. In simple terms, if you have to sign up to Brexit Money Machine, keep away from the bonus(es).

d) No links to PayPal/Visa/Bank Account

At the very bottom of the website, there is a small tab in which PayPal and several credit card brands logos are shown under the banner ‘No PayPal or Credit Cards! 100% Free’. A red line crosses the tab diagonally to further drive that point home. Basically, they’re trying to say that Brexit Money Machine, and everything it offers, is free of charge and you won’t have to pay a single cent to get membership. However, the immediate step, after giving your email and personal details, involves making a deposit to your trading account from your bank/PayPal or credit card. We have no problem with this as it’s standard practice. Our problem is with Brexit Money Machine lying through their teeth that one doesn’t need to do such a thing. That’s a blatant lie right there, and our work is to call out such crap and condemn the owners in the strongest terms possible.

Does Brexit Money Machine Really Work?

Well, we acknowledge that Brexit had major ramifications on global asset prices especially in the first few weeks. However, the markets have adjusted to that and are now more calm. We therefore do not think that it is possible to capitalize on the fallout from Brexit at this time, which makes Brexit Money Machine sort of irrelevant. Not strong enough a point, huh? Well, we don’t think Brexit Money Machine works or is relevant right now due to the reasons we have given in the above section.

We would very much like to discredit the alleged 98% success rate of this trashy software. There is no real evidence given by Arnold Palmer to convince us to trust him on that and since we have caught him lying a few times, we cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. More so when the feedback we received paints a different picture. That of a poorly designed but exceptionally marketed software that has recorded more losses than the Arizona Cardinals. Worse, if traders are not losing money in reckless trades, they are finding it hard to withdraw their profits and in some cases, lose everything.

Brexit Money Machine is a Scam!

As we have already established above, Brexit Money Machine does not work. Forget what you heard in the sales video, it’s all a bunch of lies meant to appeal to your soft and money-hungry side. We have given you reasons why the Brexit Money software doesn’t work, now we tell you why it is a risky scam that you should run away from. Here’s why:

Arnold Palmer is a Hired Actor

Arnold Palmer claims that the Brexit Money Machine can make $5,203 per day per trader. This adds up to $150k every month, all for doing nothing. And he gives all this for free. Wow. You would think that such a rich and philanthropic gentleman would be having a social media page where his ‘beneficiaries’ can contact him and thank him for his generosity. As we found out, not only does he have zero social media presence, but is also nowhere to be found in Google. As a matter of fact, the only Arnold Palmer we know is the late American golfer. This other one is most likely a cheaply hired actor. If you are doubting, try to figure out how the so called creator didn’t appear anywhere on the site, including the all-important promo video.

Phony Testimonials

Somewhere on the site, there is a section in which beneficiaries give their testimonies alongside their pictures. All these testimonials are glowing with compliments, with some even claiming to have earned hundreds of thousands in just a few days. It turns out that the photographs used here are stock photos which can be cheaply bought or, in most cases, stolen from the Internet. Taking a good look at the pictures, you’ll certainly note the visible characteristics of professional stock photos including white backgrounds and professionally done edits.

Unregulated Broker

As we mentioned earlier, Brexit Money Machine promise a $2,000 deposit bonus to be received immediately complete the registration process and request for it. What they don’t tell you, however, is that the broker involved is neither regulated nor well known. This poses big risks as such a broker would be hard to trace or sue once they get away with their money. As we’ve said it before, never trust a broker without a license. That would be like throwing your money into a pit latrine.


From far, and to the uninitiated, Brexit Money Machine looks like the ideal auto trader. Looking at it from a closer perspective, however, one gets a completely different picture. The truth it, if Brexit Money Machine works, it only works for the owners and their broker affiliates. The software is a money minting platform for the cunning crooks and their friends, they don’t care about you or the next person. Soon as you make the deposit, you’re pretty much done and they’re on to fool the next person.

Please avoid such scams and look for real trading systems such as Option Robot which offer very good returns, not necessarily $5k/day good but still good, and don’t promise what they don’t deliver. In addition, Option Robot has a tested and proven accuracy rate of 90+% which makes it a top performer.

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