The Binary Pot of Gold Review

Binary Pot of Gold Review: Recently, the attention of the binary options trading community has shifted to the latest software release – Tanaka Cargill Group, also known as The Binary Pot of Gold. This is a new trading system, owned by a finance guru known as James Tanaka and a billionaire who goes by the name Russell Cargill. The pot of gold analogy is meant to pass on the message that the system is a lucrative one that will definitely make you rich, just like a pot full of gold. Tanaka Cargill Group is set to go viral in the coming days if the aggressive marketing on all social platforms is anything to go by. It is therefore very necessary, even urgent, to give a comprehensive review of the software and let our readers know the fine details of the software that are not in the public domain. Most importantly, among all the binary option brokers and binary option robots,  is The Binary Pot of Gold a legit software or not? Let’s get started with the review already, shall we?

The Binary Pot of Gold Review

From what we know, The Binary Pot of Gold is the brainchild of one James Tanaka. He is apparently a finance guru who has extensive knowledge and experience in financial trading. The story goes that he discovered a secret algorithm that is able to generate about $133k per month for a single trader. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough funds and approached a billionaire investor known as Russell Cargill. Russell was captivated by his idea and invested a huge amount towards the development of the software, valued at over $50,000. For formality, the two friends formed a partnership which they called the Tanaka-Cargill Group. For obvious reasons, James Tanaka became the face (and CEO, if it matters) of the new software while Russell assumed a silent role, like stinking rich investors are wont to.

On paper, the partnership between Tanaka and Cargill sounds like a typical business partnership. Nothing really seems odd about it. Until we get to the intricate details. For a start, James Tanaka – assuming he is the one who did the voice over for the promotional video – does not provide enough information about his so called revolutionary trading system. Considering we are living in a time when scams are twice as many as legit softwares, it will take a lot more than just the mention of a ‘top secret algorithm’ to capture our attention. Simply put, we need to know more about the Binary Pot of Gold. Like what inspired good old James to develop the software? How different is it from the usual stuff? For chrissakes go easy on that ‘we can make you 30k a day, so we’re different’ crap, it doesn’t work on us. Details, James and Co., we want details!

binary pot of gold limited amount of traders slots... yea right
binary pot of gold limited time available… yea right

That is not all – who the hell is Russell Cargill and why does his second name sound like a type of fish that is found in some stuck up lake in rural Scotland? Most importantly, what role does he play in the whole thing? By any chance, was he the one who came up with the name Binary Pot of Gold? We, and probably you, will be very much interested in knowing what he had taken (or smoked that morning). To cut the long story short, we have fallen victim to far too many scams to blindly trust some guys who come out of nowhere and claim to be billionaires. Final question – why isn’t Russell’s name in the Forbes? Oh, we get it. The man values his privacy more than all his fellow billionaires and wouldn’t appreciate appearing in a…bourgeois publication. We get it.

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$133k per month?

According to James Tanaka, the Binary Pot of Gold is capable of making up to $133k on a single month. This translates to a little more than $4,000 per day. In a year when unemployment rates have skyrocketed, that’s quite a lot of money. Before we even recover from reading that, James is quick to remind us that Binary Pot of Gold is not your ordinary trading software. He says that apart from auto trading services, Binary Pot of Gold also provides traders and beta testers with an experienced trading coach to train them how to conduct market analysis and make the best possible predictions. At face value, this is great – in fact, very commendable for James and his team. Only that majority of the traders we asked did not think so.

To paraphrase one trader, Binary Pot of Gold makes near perfect predictions for the first few trades. Unknowingly to most traders, this is a psychological strategy to get them to invest more after which the losses start piling up. As it is, we cannot really entirely blame the software and/or the trading coaches for the consistent losses as the trader also has a role to play, but still. By the way, do you guys believe the lie that you don’t need to have had any trading experience to start winning with The Binary Pot of Gold, or any other trading system for that matter? That is the biggest lie in binary options and most software developers use it for their own selfish interests. It is a known fact that inexperienced traders are easily convinced and are generous with their trust – and money. This makes them easy prey to the conniving brokers and developers like James and Russell.

A word of advice to new traders here: experience is necessary. Experience is the single most important factor of success, or failure, in binary options. Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. So, go out there, do you research properly, read widely – by all means, acquire all the knowledge you can, including how to identify a scam. Thank us later.

Back to the $133k issue, in case you didn’t know, that is impossible – has never happened and most likely will never happen. At least not the way James Tanaka sells it. As a matter of fact, it is quite possible to make that amount, or even more, per month. What is not possible, however, is earning that much from deposits of $250,with even lesser investment amounts per trade. What more, you can’t earn even $1,000 in a century using such a shady software.

Just who are James and Russell?

Revisiting the issue of the two partners again, but on a more personal note this time. After going through and going almost halfway on this review, we realized how little we know about James Tanaka and his so called billionaire associate. After the not-so-pleasing realization, we did what any normal person in this digital era would have done – conduct a Google search. What we found is nothing to write home about. First, for a man who claims to be a billionaire, Russell Cargill is simply too anonymous. When we searched Google, the only Russell Cargill we found is a fictional character in an animation movie known as The Simpsons. Granted, there are a few other Russell Cargill’s on Facebook including a British chef. However, none of them makes any reference to the site in their profiles. That raised some question marks and led us to believe that Russell, and his accomplice are not who they lead us to believe. Even worse, the image that is passed off as Russell Cargill’s on the website is not his. It is a stock photo, probably of some random man in the US.

James Tanaka too, is not off the hook. As expected, there are quite a number of people called James Tanaka, most notably an engineer at Galactic Space Federation. We checked out the profiles of the fellows called carrying the name and let’s just say, we didn’t find what we were looking for. Or did we? That depends on how you look at it. But the bottom line is, both Russell Cargill and James Tanaka are assumed identities probably meant as cover ups in case the law comes calling. Since Tanaka-Cargill Group is still new and not many traders have tried it for long enough to give satisfactory reviews, the use of false names by the system’s creators carries a lot of weight. Most of it in the wrong direction.

binary pot of gold video
binary pot of gold video

Tanaka-Cargill Group Inc.,  doesn’t exist

If you have visited the website for the software, you might have come across a statement to the effect that The Binary Pot of Gold is owned by a company known as Tanaka-Cargill Group Inc.,. Maybe you believed it, maybe you didn’t. On our side, we didn’t leave it at that. Considering that we have very little useful information about the system, every bit of information we could collect on our own would play a big role in unearthing the scam that is Binary Pot of Gold. So we did some information digging which included, but not limited to, searching all the known company directories for a company known as Tanaka-Cargill Group. Shock on us, no such company exists, at least not a legally registered one. Looking back at it, it shouldn’t have come as a shock to us, or anybody else, that apart from using false identities, the two conmen led us to believe in the existence of a false company. And that is not even the worst part. The worst part is 98% of people who read the disclaimer did not realize it was false. Most of them probably ignored it while others swallowed the lie whole, just like Tanaka and Cargill hoped they would. Well, they say information is power. Now you know something new. Spread the word and let’s get rid of scams who are giving a bad name to our beloved trade.

binary pot of gold results are not clear and simple to interpret
binary pot of gold results are not clear and simple to interpret or not even real

The beta testers are most likely fake

James Tanaka, in his presentation, says that the system is free to use for beta testers. He further says that it won’t be free in the near future. Analyzing those statements, and comparing them to what he actually writes on the site (it must be him, nobody else has such poor grammar), something does not quite click. For one, how could a software that is still undergoing beta testing be used for real trading? Also, last time we checked, beta testers were carefully selected people who have some knowledge in the area under which the product falls under. Beta testing positions are definitely not advertised to the general public, most of whom, in this case don’t know a thing about binary options trading.

That Binary Pot of Gold is a limited edition software is an insult to our intelligence. We may not have enough information and user experience to prove that The Binary Pot of Gold is a scam but we have seen similar lots of softwares before to affirm that. In fact, enter the keywords ‘Best Binary Options Trading Systems’ in the Google search box and check out the results. Click on each of the systems listed and compare what you find with what you see on Truth be told, there are a lot of differences. One main difference is that the real trading systems are not developed by individuals but by a team. Secondly, they don’t feature some ridiculous promo videos claiming how they discovered ‘the key’  to succeeding in binary options. Some wise folks, probably over a case or two of beer, once said that empty cans make the most noise. We say scam sites make the most noise.


After all is said and done, one thing remains clear – that the Binary Pot of Gold is the latest con scheme. We are strongly against the software and would not recommend it to you whatever the case. But we can recommend Binary Options Robot. The only way to describe this amazing software is LEGIT. Oh, and it has a sensible name too! The reason we recommend Binary Options Robot is because a lot of people we know have been using it for years and we’ve never heard any complaints from them. Why don’t you give it a try too?

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