Binary Meta Bot / Sir Roger Thorne | Scam Or Not?

Binary Meta Bot / Sir Roger Thorne Scam Review| There is this new binary option robot, which is promoted by a person who call himself Sir Roger Thorne. I’ve got many requests from our readers to make a scam investigation of this website, so I decided to take action and to fully investigate whether this site is honest or whether it is intended only to cheat money from investors.

Is Binary Meta Bot / Sir Roger Thorne a Scam

First, when I arrive to the site, a video starts where a person presents himself as Sir Roger Thorne. He is saying that he graduated from Oxford and has worked in London  as a trader for over thirty years. I decided to take a little closer look to find out whether or not these claims are true.

After a quick Google search, I found out that Sir Roger Thorne is not a real person. He might be Roger Thorne but he definitely is not  a sir. It is really hard to understand why thy would make a such a claim. Even if the software is legit, these kind of ridiculous claims take all  the credibility away.

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Photoshopped Pictures

At the bottom of the page are photos of Sir Roger Thorne with various well-known celebrities. After I made a few inquiries, I found out that the images are in fact photoshopped.

sir roger thorne
Sir Roger Thorne with Melania Trump and Richard Branson. This Picture is clearly photoshopped. If you do some googling, you easily find out that in actual photo, there is Donald Trump standing there instead of Sir Roger
sir roger thorne gates
Another photoshopped picture, where Sir Roger Thorne is with Warren Buffett and Melinda and Bill Gates. Again, if you search for Google, you will find out that in the real picture, there is TV-host Charlie Rose.

The fact that Sir Roger Thorne is not a genuine person obviously does not prove anything yet on whether the binary meta bot actually is a honest software. But,  I must say that this does not look very good at this point. If the software itself is honest and functional, the developers should definitely remove these images immediately and bring up the robot and its features more instead.

Are Testimonials Real?

There is five different video testimonials on the site. “Darren N,Binary Options Expert”, “Chris P,Professional Trader and Binary Coach”, “Richard D,Trading Veteran”, “Ravi C,First-time Binary Trader” and “Madeline B, Binary Options Trader”. I didn’t find any conclusive evidence whether or not these testimonials are real or fabricated.

Each of these investors say that they have earned substantial sums using binary meta bot. There is no reliable way to how I could check the veracity of the allegations. However, I investigated that the persons appearing in these videos are not, at least any known actors, I didn’t find same persons from any other binary options related sites. So this looks a little better for the binary meta bot. But is this enough to fix the distrust?

darren n. binary meta bot
Darren N, Binary Options Expert is claiming that he earned $37,163.83 using binary meta bot in one week.
richard d. binary meta bot
Richard D, Trading Veteran strongly recommend binary meta bot

The British Binary Traders Association

The website domain is, I find no detailed information on this organization anywhere from web. It is more likely that this is not an official organization, but only the page address. They have probably chosen this name because it is eye-catching.

I also did not find anything negative about this organization or name, so I think that they simply use it to advertise binary meta bot. There is clearly nothing wrong or unethical about that. There is no claims at the site anywhere that it would act as an official organization.

Binary Meta Bot Software

Whether Sir Roger Thorne is right person or not have no significance at the end. The only important thing is, that if the software itself is working and whether it allows you to earn money with it. Next, I will go through in more detail what are the features of this robot, and what kind of results I got using it.

  • Compatible broker sites. The good news are that the binary meta bot is compatible with most trusted broker sites s. Each of these broker sites have at least tens of thousands of customers. This ensures that this robot is not made solely for cheating purposes. These well-known brokers are not risking their reputations by linking themselves to known scams.
  • Contact information and disclaimers. The site has proper contact information and diclaimer pages. This is definitely a good thing. Scammer usually don’t have those since adding these would mean that they admit their responsibilities in case of legal actions. These sections provide some form of security to the customer.
  • The software is available for free. Because of suspicious circumstances, I would not recommend to try the robot if it would cost something. But since it is provided for free, I think it is worth to register. I do not know about you, but I’m willing to take even a little worse software into use, if I am getting it completely free, as long as it have for me at least some benefit. As long as you only invest in the trusted broker sites that I mentioned earlier, then you are in safe in the case of scams.
  • Education material. I also found some educational material from the site, and I am happy to say that it’s actually quite well written and accurate. This definitely increases the confidence ,  and I can say at this point that it is probably made an honest purpose in mind. Scammers would not bother to write that kind of material.

My Own Experience About The Software

I have currently used binary meta bot for two weeks now,  and I can say that I have benefit a little of it’s use. I have won totally $ 125 using it, this is obviously not the kind of the sum of what advertising promises, but because this robot is available for free, I am quite satisfied with the result. I have used approx. 20min. to get this result. Binary meta bot is a fully automated robot, so its use does not require much user after the initial start-up.

binary meta bot review
Binary meta bot trading platform

Is Binary Meta Bot / Sir Roger Thorne a Scam?

Even though at the beginning I found photoshopped images and exaggerated results, which aroused great suspicion, I can say that the binary meta bot is not a scam. It might not be as good as our recommended applications, but as a free version, you should still register it for yourself if you really want to earn as much as possible.

I believe that the developers of this software have encountered the same problem which many other binary robot developers. On the market there are so many good robots that it is extremely difficult to get customer if your robot is a little bit worse  than your competitors. So they have resorted to a little unethical method of introducing it, and in this way are trying to get the action started. At the same time, they are also taking a risk of losing their reputation.

Do I Recommend This Software?

I do not recommend this software for your sole binary robot. If you instead already have four or five other robots in use to you ad you want yet another one which allows you to perhaps earn a little more, binary meta bot might be a good addition. But for your first choice, I recommend using one of the following auto traders:

If you use one of the above robots, I can personally guarantee that you are not getting scammed. However, I can not give you that same promise if you use binary meta bot. So remember to stick with the trusted brokers such as GOptions and Porter Finance, if you choose to use the meta bot.


Binary meta bot is suitable for investors who already have all the other tools at their use, but for the first binary robot it is not ideal. Because of photoshopped images, I can not give my own guarantee about the robots honesty, so everyone will use it their your own risk. When used correctly, it can bring some additional income to the investor who is not afraid to take risks. Because this software is completely free, you do not lose anything when you register it to yourself. You can register this software for free by clicking the button below.

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