Azure Method Review

Azure Method Review: The binary trading market has continuously evolved and in the recent times, there have been several offerings from the various automated binary software service providers or binary robots as you may call them who claims to simplify the trading and also offers signals to predict the trends of the securities in an accurate way. The flood of such brokers in the binary market with lucrative offerings has made a decision making very difficult for the naïve traders.

As a mission, we have taken the task to provide a comprehensive analysis of various bots and brokers to provide honest review and recommendations to our readers. Our reviews will definitely help you choose the right binary broker and or a binary trading software. In our endeavor, today, we are going to assess one of the claimants of automatic software and accurate prediction – The Azure Method. Please read the following text to get the detailed review about the Azure Method bot, the people behind the platform, and various other aspects.

Azure Method Review

Anthony Azure, an alleged owner of the Azure Method Software is the owner of the website. We ran a web-scan to get the information about the Anthony Azure and his Azure Method Software, which resulted in a dead end. The website of the software does not have any information regarding the promoting company nor anything about the registration details of the company. Generally, any legit organization has registered company, registered address, a license to sell its services, and contact details including physical address, on their professional website. Our general belief was shattered as we could not find any information about the Azure Method and its promoters.

The information and the presentation video on the website makes many exorbitant promises about it being a zero-loss trading software and one can start making money as soon as he enrolls the website. These claims have induced as to further investigate the software before coming to conclusion.

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The Platform

The Azure Method is an automated binary options trading software which frees the traders from the hassle of placing orders and executing trades. The trader has to complete the initial setup on the site and then sit back and watch his money grow – claims the software creator. The site also claims that the Azure Method software fastens the learning curve of the novice traders and makes them earn their profit in 7 of 10 trades placed through their software. The initial set up requires the traders to visit the website, fill in the required details, and deposit the minimum required amount to get started. Once you are through the initial setting process, you will be directed to their recommended brokerage sites and you will be able to place your trades.

Once you enter the website it prominently displays that you will start making $ 8750 per hour and the software is called “no-loss” software. These enormous claims have not been substantiated with solid data. On the other hand, Mr. Anthony Azure – owner of the website, claims that he requires another 46 beta testers to join already 4 beta-tester to test the software. These testers are required to help him to collect data about the performance of his “no-loss” software. The statement of making an unrealistic profit per hour and still asking for beta-tester doesn’t go well with each other. This definitely induced several thought in our mind. The website also provides a generous matching bonus on the initial deposit of $ 250. Though the claims seem very attractive to new traders, the traders must understand that even the smartest of the wall street traders are unable to generate such profits on a regular basis.

Everything on the website is designed as a marketing gimmick to attract the unsuspected investors to their scheme. The major concerns which look scrupulous are listed hereunder.

Azure Method Profit Claim

Fake Ownership

The website displays Anthony Azure as the founder and owner of the Azure Method Ltd. Any professional organization has a legit website, registration details, social media profiles, among other information available on the site. However, our investigation about the Anthony Azure and Azure Method Ltd has resulted in zero results. We couldn’t find any traces of them on the world wide web. This clearly indicates that the person on the website is a face and the real promoters are hiding behind his face. Such suspecting actions are devised by the con-artists, and hence our doubts.

Exorbitant Gains

Another method used by the con-artists is to lure the customers through some exaggerated profit amount. The website of the Azure Method indicates that the traders using their software can make $ 8750 per hour. Meaning, a customer can make more than $ 40K per day. Such humungous profit is unheard of and even the seasoned professionals of the wall-street are unable to generate such huge profits even after several years of experience. It clearly means that the amount of $ 8750 is used to aggravate your desire to become rich soon and exploit your emotions so that you join their website.

No-Loss Software

The website of the Azure Method claims that there is a zero-loss software. It means that the software makes profit 10 out of 10 trades and that too consistently. This is just a marketing tactic to attract the investors to their website because in reality, as in any financial trading, the binary options don’t have anything like no losses. The financial trading has both winning and losing attached to it, and the financial trading is so unpredictable that even the seasoned professionals after several years of wall-street experience are unable to comprehend the market completely and trade with 100 percent accuracy.

Azure Method Awards

Limited Seats!

Another strategy used by such scrupulous website is to use the “limited stock” offers. The website indicates that there are only limited seats are available at zero cost. Such techniques are deployed by many online marketers to lure the customers. This technique with timer pressurizes the scouting traders to enroll immediately so that he/she does not research well before jumping. Hence our advice to our readers is to read the terms and conditions carefully before initiating any financial transaction with any organization.

Affiliatesd Brokers

The website does not answer this questions and does not provide any information regarding their associated trading partners. Any trading software requires a broking partner to execute the trade, and non-availability of this information in itself is a big doubt creator. The website also does not provide enough information about the deposit and withdrawal processes followed by the website. Everything on the website adds up to our doubts and makes us believe that this one should definitely be avoided by our readers.

The Verdict

The website of the Azure Method deploys all the available marketing techniques to lure the scouting traders to their scheme of things. It prominently shows that the investors can make $ 8750 per hour while it does not explain how in the world this is possible? It also claims that the software is free but requires you to deposit $ 250 to start trading and that amount is also blocked with matching bonuses so that once the amount is deposited one cannot withdraw the fund without meeting the trading volume requirements. The most important aspect of which the website remains completely silent, like its affiliated partners, the company and promoters behind it, the registration details of the promoting company, and the financial dealing processes. Above facts have added to our suspicion and made us believe that one should avoid this software and the website completely.

Hence, we recommend our readers to stay with the established software service providers like Option Robot who have earned their reputation for consistent services, state of the art platform, and its well-established affiliated partners. The Option Robot is affiliated with well-known brokers like 24 Option, Option Tilt amongst others, who are well-regulated binary brokers and have a license from the reputed regulatory body. The Option Robot has devised robust customer support system which is available 24 x 7 and can be accessed in more than 25 languages. The Option Robot website also explains the various technical indicators used by their software to provide signals to their clients. The Option Robot also does not make exorbitant claims about the software nor it hides any information about their parent company and registration details. The sheer transparency of the Option Robot is the main reason behind our recommendation.

Overall, our investigation about the Azure Method has revealed some very important aspects and made us recommend our readers to completely avoid the software. We further reiterate to avoid the Azure Method and stick with the Option Robot for their signal service requirements.

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