Autogain Software Review

Autogain Software Review: Binary option trading is one of the best ways of making money online. It can be easy, comfortable and lucrative for experienced traders who know how to earn profits. But the complexity and volatility of the market keeps rising. This has made it a bit harder for traders to study and predict market trends. To solve this problem, different automated trading systems, binary robots and broker softwares have been introduced into trading. There is hardly any day that passes without a new entrant into the market. Autogain software is one among the software meant to assist traders in winning consistently.

The new system software is claimed to have been created by a group of expert traders whose names were not mentioned on its website. The software which is claimed to be fully automated and free accepts traders from all countries of the world.

The information given about the software on its website is very scanty. This article then dug deeper to find you all necessary information that will help you decide whether to associate with the software.

Autogain Software Review

Autogain software is a binary options auto trading robot system which came on board the binary options market not long ago. The software’s website says it is created in the social trading model but is completely automated in its operations. Unlike most other scams, the software does not claim any exorbitant winning rate for its users. It claims a rate of between sixty and seventy percent for traders.

The software which is offered for free does not need you to trade manually since it is an auto trader. Its website appears very bare and lacking a lot of essential information found on most other binary options websites.

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Autogain Software Review Binary Robot Scam Reviews Should You Invest Your Money To This Robot System? Or Should You Rely To Some Trusted Binary Robot?

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Autogain Sofware Features

1.There are some features which the software speaks of as if they are unique to only its platform. They are the promises and claims which the software claims in order to convince traders to sign up to its platform.

2. Autogain says on its website that you get the software without paying a dime. But it is not the only system that offers its software for free. For the majority of those that do, there is always a catch. You will get to know what it is as you keep reading.

3.The system says traders will surely get a success and winning rate of nothing less than sixty to seventy percent. Although this does not seem unrealistic like in most other scams, there is still one point worth looking into so you should just keep reading.

4.There is a countdown counter that says there are only 6 sign up spots left and unfortunately, the total number of available spots is limited. This means that you will miss out if you do not act quickly.

5.The software also promises that you will earn profits even if you do not have any trading knowledge. This, the website claims, is possible because the auto trading software trades on expert traders’ models and auctions.

6.You are referred to the software’s FAQ, About Us, How It Works and several other pages at various stages of its marketing procedure. This it is claimed is so you can have any questions you have looked into and answered.

7.You have several user testimonials posted on the system’s website. This is to convince you that other members have made money with the software. It is meant to create an appearance of credibility and legitimacy.

8.Some trading account results are also displayed for you to see. This is also to convince you that members are winning trades and making money by using the software.

AutoGain Software

True or False

The features mentioned above are the major reasons why a trader should sign up to the software. They are the marketing pitches which the software is using to convince traders. A deep research into the software as promised in the beginning uncovered the following facts.

  1. Free Software

Well, the registration process might be free but the software is not actually free. Even though the registration process requires that you provide just a valid email address and your name, you must select one from the brokers on the webpage and pay the $200 minimum deposit before you can actually use the software.

  1. Confusing Winning ‘Rate’

The actual success and winning rate of the software is a bit confusing. It is claimed as 70% at some stages in the marketing process while, in others it is claimed to be 60%. Although both do not seem unrealistic as is the case with other scams, which of the two should one select for the purpose of his investment planning? Success rates are vital factors when experienced traders are planning their strategy and end goals.

  1. JavaScript Countdown

The counter that says available sign up spots are limited to a certain number and only 6 spots are left to be filled is not real. It is just a JavaScript that keeps replaying every time you open the website. The site was closed several times during the research and the same 6 spots were still left every time it was reopened. It is just a popular trick of scam binary trading systems for creating a feeling of urgency.

  1. Layman Guaranteed Earning

The software promises you great earnings even if you do not have any knowledge or experience concerning binary options trading. It claims that this is possible because as an automated social trading platform model, the software copies the trade moves of expert traders and executes same on your behalf. Does that mean that you just sign up, go back to sleep and expect definite profits when you wake up? Anyway, you really need to wake up here.

  1. Website Category Pages

There are several category pages on the website. Some that are necessities when it comes to business website are included to create an appearance of legitimacy. But during this research some red flags were noticed.

  • First, the pages were all written by a person who does not speak English as a first language. The writer who must have English as a second language did not sit down to learn it very well. The pages are poorly written with many grammar and syntax errors.
  • Second, the “About Us’ page contains a ‘How It Works’ section. This research discovered that with all its wordiness, the page said nothing about the creator(s) of the software. The section gave no inkling whatsoever as to how the software actually functioned. Nothing was said about how its algorithm works.
  • Lastly, there are many contradictions throughout the pages. You read a statement on a page only to go further down to discover another statement contradicting the first one. How do you explain claiming a success rate for traders only to go a bit further down on the same page and say a trader’s next bet will surely win should he lose any of his bets? What does one actually interpret from such a sentence? I will leave you trying.
  1. Unverified User Testimonials

All the user testimonials on the software’s website are unreal. None of them is actually verified. This research discovered that the images posted in relation to the given testimonials were all taken from around the internet. The first photo as discovered by this research is of a man who leaves in Russia. The second is that of lady who is named Louise Glover. A research of both identities discovered that they have never had any dealings whatsoever with the autogain software. If the testimonials were real, true and legitimate, the software owners could have at list linked their names to their social media accounts. This move would have served as a viable means of verification.

  1. Fake Trading Outcomes

All the results of profitable trading accounts that were on display on the website are Fake. With a double claim of 60% and 70% as gains at different levels of the system’s marketing, the supposed win rate is very doubtful. What then will be the actual win rate of the software? Since profits come in the long term sometimes in binary options trading, such doubtful claims could mean real loses for a trader in the long term. There is no means of verifying any of the trading accounts being paraded on the website. If the creators of the website were sure that the trading accounts displayed were real and belonged to their members, then they would have provided a means of contacting such members. That would have been a way for verifying the accounts by contacting such members directly.

Other Loopholes

Apart from the claims and promises made by the software which this research has debunked, many other loopholes were uncovered in the course of the research.

  • Demo Account: The software does not offer any form of a demo trading account. You do not get the opportunity for practicing how to use the system with a demo account before going for the real deal. This scheme is common to all trading system scams. You are required to pay the initial $200 deposit with a broker immediately after signing up. It means once you start trading, then you are using your real money to do so. This can be greatly dangerous as it is most probable that you will lose the deposit.
  • Video Presentation: The software’s website does not carry any presentation video for promoting the system. It is a fact that some systems cover vital information not available on their website in their presentation videos. With a website that carries very scanty information about the software and how it works, the owner(s) should have at least thought of making up for the deficiency with a video presentation. Moreover, online advertisement is currently shifting towards more visually appealing presentations. Visual advertisement has come to stay as a viable means of online marketing.
  • Brokers: The software limits traders to choosing from the list of brokers they have approved on their website only. There is a list of trusted brokers on the software’s website. After signing up, you can only choose a broker from that list. If you had a broker you were already trading with, then you cannot bring him over to the software’s platform. The system’s claim that all its brokers are approved cannot be verified in any way. Traders should have been enabled to choose any broker they are comfortable with. One that suits their marketing plans and goals. Placing a restriction that allows them to only select from a list makes it appear as another ‘affiliate marketing’ set up. A set up where the software owner(s) earn a bonus for every trader they send to the broker’s page and he pays the initial minimum deposit.
  • Anonymity: The software’s website does not offer any useful information in relation to how it really functions. Apart from casually mentioning that is uses a special algorithm to study trends and copy experts, there is not much said about how the system actually works. There is also no mention of the creator(s) or owner(s) of the system anywhere throughout the system’s marketing. Why would someone create such any software he claims to help so many people and still choose to remain anonymous? May be because he does not trust his own creation.


The general information about the Autogain software that is available is not sufficient to conclude that it is completely genuine. That does not mean that it is being labeled as an outright scam either. The point is that there are just too many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle missing.

Why would any software that claims to be very popular because it has helped so many people choose not to verify most of the elements of credibility it has posted in its website. This is very unlike popular legitimate trading systems like Option Robot.

Option Robot is a binary options auto trading system software that does not hide anything from potential members. All vital information concerning how its robot works and the team behind the system can be accessed on the system’s well designed, functional and user-friendly website. The Option Robot system’s sign up process even enables you to practice failing with virtual money before going for real trading with real money.

Option Robot is actually a trading system that promotes rapid growth, both professionally and financially.

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