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Trading in binary options is a very popular way to place trades on a wide variety of assets but it also comes with a number of risks. In recent years, many traders have been investing in binary options chiefly due to the technological advancement trading platforms have introduced to online trading. As a trader, you should always do some research before registering any broker and ensure you stay away from any offers which appear out rightly incredible at first glance. Many such platforms are simply developed to defraud online traders.

Enter Ask Options, a new broker that claims to count a large and loyal customer base. Developers of the Ask Option trading platform indicate that the secret to their success was focusing on social trading and social media owing to the management being quite active on social media, most specifically, Facebook and Tumblr. In this review, we’re going to examine this brokerage house and tell you all you need to know about it including their very short history. We will dive into features and all that pertains to how they trade financial instruments. And lastly, we will give you our opinion if this binary options broker can be relied on or is it merely a  binary scam.

Introduction to Ask Option

When we look at the history of Ask Option, there’s not much to tell since the firm is quite literally, a new kid on the block. Established in 2015, this broker touts itself as a state of the art broker and an innovator in the social trading field who heavily relies on social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr. It is owned and operated by Peak Media Group Ltd, a company that operates out of London, UK. It was launched by a group of trading professionals and market analysts who wanted to offer traders a unique trading experience. They are open to all traders regardless of country of origin or level of knowledge.

The broker offers traders the opportunity to trade in binary options whose payoffs can hit a high of 85% along with bonuses of up to 100%. They sends signals to investors that include stocks, currency pairs, indices and commodities, allowing clients to use a number of trading options such as use high/low, one touch, range and hyper options to execute their trades. Another feature here is the copy trading facility where traders who discover others trader who are making winning trades simply instruct the system to copy those trades. The software platform used by Ask Option is the user friendly Panda TS platform that’s known to be quite good for social trading. This software platform is clear on where the tools are as well as the options which are available to traders. There are a great number of assets to trade with as the broker has enabled about 100 assets.

ask option main page
ask option main page
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Trading with Ask Option Software

Ask Option offers traders the opportunity to earn 85% payoffs on standard binary options while trading across over 100 assets that can be traded using four options types as well as Forex options, options on Gold and Oil in addition to a raft of popular stocks. Traders have a choice of 30 second, 60 second, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute binary options types. The trading platform is available in English and Arabic which are also the languages costumer services support. The minimum deposit required to open a new account is $250, while the minimum trade size is set at $5.

  • Trading software: This broker uses the Panda TS platform that is touted as one that’s quite popular with binary options brokers. Easy to use and designed well, an overview of the trading interface is available on the Ask Option website for traders who need to introduce themselves to this interface. All content on this trading platform has been divided into tabs at the top of the web page. Besides helping traders execute trades, the platform helps copy trades of other successful traders or users may also create their own through using the “Option Builder”. A mobile trading app that operates on both iOS and Android devices has been developed to facilitate trading on the mobile platform. Traders can get the mobile app at the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.
  • Trading Tools and Resources: There are various sections on the AskOption website which have been developed to facilitate trading. Some of these include a breaking financial news section which informs traders about what is happening in the financial markets world and another where traders may access market analysis/reviews on a daily as well as weekly basis. Traders can enhance trading skills using the Ask Option education centre which hosts a range of learning materials such as risk management tools, trading strategies, trading tutorials, training videos and eBooks. In addition, traders will find glossaries, financial calendars plus a very comprehensive FAQ.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Traders may fund their trading accounts by using a Credit/Debit card Bank and Wire Transfer. Traders must fund their accounts with a minimum deposit amount of 250 in any of these currencies; USD, AUD, CAD, EUR or GBP. The maximum amount of money a trader can deposit via Credit card is pegged $20,000. On the other hand, no amount limit has been set for a bank wire transfer. While the minimum investment amount for each trade is a low $5, the maximum limit allowed is set at $500 for hyper options types. The minimum withdrawal amount stands at a low of $30 for credit card transactions while the minimum for bank wire transfer is set at $100. Maximum withdrawal amounts when using a credit card is set at $20,000 while the bank wire transfer attracts no limit quota.
  • Customer Service: This broker offers traders 24/7 customer support service in two languages; English, and Arabic. The support team is can be reached via phone, Live Chat or email all round the clock. AskOption boasts of among the best customer service teams in the industry, ostensibly, owing to the fact that management has actively looked for trader comments on the level of their customer services in social media [specifically on Facebook] which has helped the firm establish a customer support department in line with conclusions drawn from the information they have received on social media.
  • Bonus Terms: When it comes to bonus payouts, traders should first understand the terms and conditions before they accept any bonuses. For a trader with Ask Option to withdraw a bonus amount or any of the profits made while the bonus was in effect, they are required to execute trades whose trading volume is 30 times the bonus amount. This means that if, for instance, you are offered a bonus of $100 bonus, you are required to place trades equal to, or above $3,000 before you can be allowed to make a withdrawal. The most experienced traders usually decline accepting such bonuses due to the volume levels demanded.
ask option trading
ask option trading

Option Types

  • Hyper: A typical call/put option, its expiry period is shorter and ranges between 30 and 10 minutes. Payout here is of up to 65%.
  • Range: With this type, traders predict if the price of an underlying asset will remain in the range of two pre-determined price levels all through a trading session. Payoff here is of up to 85%.
  • One Touch: For this type, traders predict if the price of an asset will touch one of two pre-determined price levels at least once by expiry time. Payout here is of up to 85%.
  • High/Low: A traditional call/put option, traders are required to predict direction of the trade. The expiry periods begin at 15 minutes then extend at intervals of 15 minutes, then up to 1hour, then end of the day, then end of the week, then end of the month and finally, expiry of up to 5 months. Payout here is of up to 85% as well.
ask option start
ask option how to trade

Account Types

Traders should expect a welcome bonus of up to 100% in addition to 20 risk-free trades depending on the type of account in operation. At present, Ask Option offers five account types which are solely determined using the deposit amount a trader has made. These five accounts are as follows;

  • Basic: This account comes with a 30% bonus and 1 risk-free trade. Traders here are granted access to a web tour, two live training sessions, market reviews, eBook education and training and the standard withdrawal process. Trade execution is also assigned to a senior broker. Minimum deposit: $500.
  • Standard: This account comes with a 50% bonus and 5 risk-free trades. On top of the features of the Basic Account, traders here have access to benefits like expedited withdrawals and 5 live training sessions. Minimum deposit: $1,000.
  • Premium: This account comes with a 70% bonus and 7 risk-free trades. On top of the features of the Standard Account, traders here have access to benefits like trading alerts [via email and SMS], 10 live training sessions as well as access to advanced strategies. Minimum deposit: $5,000.
  • Investor: One of two expert account types, this account comes with an 85% bonus and 10 risk-free trades. On top of the features of the Premium Account, traders here have access to benefits like risk management sessions and tools as well as unlimited live training sessions. Minimum deposit: $15,000.
  • Pro Investor: The second expert account type, this account comes with a 100% welcome bonus and 20 risk-free trades. On top of the features of the Investor Account, traders here have access to such benefits like the special same-day withdrawals as well as access to the personal rewards system. Minimum deposit: $50,000
ask option accounts
ask option accounts


Just like many other binary options robots with shady backgrounds, big money-making promises are not in short supply with Ask Options. Its founders claim that before 2014, they were busy studying as well as analysing the world’s financial markets and that is how they have acquired the knowledge which has helped them achieve a highest level of precision when it comes to forecasting in the field binary options. The firm promises high returns of up to 85% while claiming a large and loyal client base owing to the high returns. The claim of an 85% accuracy of their signals is a hard sell as a host of traders would already have come forward to attest to its veracity. This is clearly nothing more than an advertising pitch to get traders sold to the idea of using Ask Option as their broker of choice.

To say the secret of their success comes from focus on social media feedback sounds quite outrageous. Social trading, another facet of their trading menu, is only glossed over in their website such that traders are not at all certain what to expect. Many of the promises they make are incredulous and stand very little chances, if any, of becoming real when placing binary options trades. Their bonuses, though appealing at first glance, are offered with terms and conditions that basically make it hard for traders to invest. Trade should note that are not offered the option of any type of Demo Account.


To expect that the Ask Option trading platform will get the job done would be great folly. This broker claims cannot be ascertained since the many promises made about their trading system will not predict any trading results. Being among the biggest industries in the online financial world, the binary options scene has its fair share of fraudsters, with many dubious brokers in the market that make outlandish claim. And as demand grows in this market, there will be many internet scammers who only want to deplete your bank account for zero work. For accurate and proven results, traders should instead try the Binary Options Robot.

Remember that there are a number of credible trading robots which will earn you real profits without having to make unattainable claims. If you are serious about investing in binary options, you would do better by signing up with the Binary Options Robot which is one of the most reliable trading robots that is currently in the market. Any information you might need before registering with the Binary Options Robot is out in the open. There will be no underhand dealings and your gains are solidly guaranteed. Your investment experience will also improve through being offered reliable signals that will tremendously increase your turnover.

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Michael Allen

Michael Allen is the main author at He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked in investment banking for 24 years.


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