97Partners Review

97Partners Review: Money became a very important source of life for each and every person. Sometimes, the earnings from 8-hour jobs  are not enough. People want more money when they find out it is possible and really easy to accomplish. Young people often tend to discover a way to make more money in an easier way. Binary  option robots and signal services are one way to do this. But this is one reason why they can also easily fall into the traps set by scam binary brokers online. When they hang out with friends and hear about a new way to earn  money and not move a finger, they are all set to go. Even if their parents have taught them not to believe anything they hear, the promise of 97% from profit can make them want to know more.

97Partners Review

Once technology developed, there appeared new ways to trade, like the online trading industry. Its  popularity has risen to such a level that a great number of people are choosing it without knowing what they are up against or what scams can wait for them behind a great possible opportunity. This rise can be attributed mostly to the favorable profits earned by traders from their trades in the financial market. The auto trading software was made to offer users the possibility to trade continuously with no effort involved. What can be more needed and wanted than this?

From the great number of software that exist in the community of binary options trading, the 97Partners was recently introduced. It seems to be the one thing all people expected. More profit than ever with a free software. But as everyone knows, it sounds a little too good to be true and the reality can be different from what is heard. In this review, this new software will be trialed to see whether it is a scam or a trustworthy program.


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Basic Information

First of all, the software is free and 100% automated. The minimum deposit is set to $200 and the maximum returns are of 90%. The software isn’t restricted to one country, so anyone can use it. This sounds interesting enough to try such a software, but let’s see more about it before any decision is made.

There are also some black points for it, like there are no technical details provided and of course, there is no proof that this software actually works. This can’t look good. Another drawback  is that each user has to deal with unregulated brokers. Now, that is something really bad. This is about a binary options trading software and money that have to be spent, so the brokers should be trustworthy and reliable. There is also no help there for the client if there is a question to be asked or a simple thing to be explained. People need information in order to accept a new opportunity. When help is not provided, it produces some questions.

More Interesting Information About  97Partners

Taking a look at the promotional video, the information provided is that Professor Simon Crane created the binary options trading software, called 97Partners. Simon Crane is a former lecturer from a university in Sweden. He had spent 5 years working on the optimized automated trading software until 2009 when he discovered the solution. Now, after several years of patience, he decided it is time to share his discovery with all the online traders for a small percentage of 3% of their profits. This is how the software got its name. As a partner, each user will get 97% of the profit generated by the software and Professor Crane will get 3% as a fee or commission for offering his software.

There is another strange thing. Is there even a Professor Simon Crane or is it a figure of some guy’s imagination? His face does not show in any video, but his voice can be heard. Is he just an actor or the real inventor? It can’t be known for sure, but it can be guessed. He doesn’t exist on Google. If he was such a clever person, a professor at a well known Swedish university and the CEO of 97Partners, he would be at least on LinkedIn, but he is not. A company without a face is not a trustworthy one. In fact, one can’t know for sure that the CEO isn’t a fugitive from the law, wanted by the police, a drug dealer or criminal if he does not show his face. This is really weird and should make people raise questions about it.

The idea of a 97% earning is great. Even more, it is like a dream come true. In fact, this is too good to be true. Many people get blinded by the idea of 97% of the profits, but the reality can differ. An example that can make one think twice before investing in this software is this: when someone takes the decision to register on the 97Partners website, he or she will be able to listen to two completely different voices in two different promo videos and both are claiming to be one person –  the creator of the software, Simon Crane. This is a little awkward and it proves once again that he is not in fact a real person.

97Partners Promises

There is no information about the licenses on the website. Not even to reach the customer service support to guide the client through the registering process. It was something else that Simon Crane promised in the presentation video and that ended to be untrue.
A great question one should ask before registering with 97Partners is why is Simon Crane giving away 97% of his marvelous software instead of keeping this amount for himself and give the others only 3%. There is no proof that the software actually works and it does not make any sense, at all. Anyone who chooses to follow this partnership enters blinded. Despite other binary options programs of this kind, this one has all the signs that it is a true scam.

How Does the 97Partners Software Work?

Only 100 spots available, hurry up! This scare tactic is usually used by scammers to convince traders to register quickly thinking of a surprise or a bonus. The “limited time offer” is only a joke. If one pays a little attention, he or she will see that these offers are available for weeks or months, even if there is a countdown of 9 hours, more or less.

It’s a bit hard to understand how the trading system actually works. In the promotional video, there is a crucial information omitted: the software’s inner workings. He does not explain how the automated software actually works. On the other hand, Simon Crane took his time to explain that a leading investment fund commissioned him to create and develop the software, “.. highly professional and profitable solution” as he says. This was happening while he was still working as a lecturer at the university in Sweden. The story in the video has in the lime light the software’s creation itself. How did this happen and how could Simon Crane get his hands on it? Then comes the idea of waiting several years to reveal the masterpiece. Why did he wait such a long time? These questions are answered by the professor himself in the entire promotional video, but he does not want to mention how the system works.

However, he does offer details about how a user can gain access to the trading system. First of all, the user has to fill in the blanks with the full name, a valid email address, telephone number and the credit card details. Meanwhile, Simon Crane tries to convince the future user that he does not need or want in a particular way the credit card details, but this comes into a contradiction with the required info to register and use the software. From the way Simon Crane talks in the promotional video, anyone can tell that he’s trying to hide or he does not want to share crucial information. He does not offer any technical information nor a proof that this software actually does what he says it does, but he needs personal information, like the credit card number.

The question comes like this: would anyone trust a stranger met on the street and give him or her such personal information just like that? The answer will be “no” in most of the cases. Simon Crane can not be trusted. The benefit of the doubt falls to the potential client and not on him.

Another important issue about the promotional video and the website is that Simon Crane does not share any information about how to withdraw the earned funds. This can only mean that the traders will not be able to withdraw any funds or get access to them.

The Presented Case Studies

First, there is the case of Iris Christiansen that has supposedly made $591.931.62 in 1 month in 2014. If one makes an average of $5k a day, it still is impossible to reach that amount in one month. In fact, in 2014 97Partners was not online because the domain was registered on the 23rd of February 2016. So, how did Iris make all that money with a software that didn’t exist?

The second case is that of Jeremy Collins. He is “profiting with 97Partners for months”. In fact, when a Google Image Search was made the result was unbelievable. The truth is that the photo of Jeremy is a stock image from ShutterStock.com. It is actually for sale and it also has a name: “Portrait of a Handsome Bald Businessman in Luxury Interior”. This is quite a demonstration of imagination from the creator of this binary options trading software.

Simon Craig is actually lying and the client that chooses to register on the website will definitely not receive the same software used to make those beta testers earn a lot of money.

Fiverr Actors Paid

The advertising made for this software uses Fiverr actors to attest for it. The 97Partners marketing department, if there actually is one, decided to hire Fiverr opportunists to tell some lies about their dreamy software. Simon Crane says that the risks are all on him and the clients won’t lose a penny, but this is not true. Once a person registers, there is a $200 minimum funding required to start trading. If the software fails, the investment is lost and the 97% of 0 is also 0 funds.

The quality of the promotional videos is also a sign of a scam. A legitimate and true website would have only high-quality professional videos, while here, as is the case of many other scammers, the videos are of a poor quality.

The Conclusion

It’s free to register and reach the next level, but the fact that the credit card number is required puts the potential client in a high risk situation. Once the registration is finished, an initial deposit has to be made with a 97Partners’ recommended broker. The investment risks fall on the client, while Simon Crane earns the 3% commission without any risk or effort. If the software does not meet the expectations, in other words do what it is supposed to do, then the client will never receive the 97% he or she awaits. The final conclusion is that 97Partners is not trustworthy or reliable. It is a big scam started to lure potential victims. One should be really careful before making a decision like this. Money can not be easily earned through such promises. There are huge differences between a true binary options trade software and a scam.

The Advice

There is also an advice for those who truly want to use binary options trade system and not be scammed with it. Optionrobot is one of those trustworty, stable and reliable binary options trading websites.

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