5K Daily Profit Club Review

Is it really possible to make $5,000 a day in profits when you are trading binary options? The truth of the matter is that it is possible, but you need to have quite a hefty deposit to start with and a run of good trades which must be supported by impeccable signals. With the promises of big money earning is binary options; it is good to analyze the various trading programs to gauge their authenticity and the veracity of their claims. Here you will see what the outfit known as 5K Daily Profit Club is all about and if it is possible to make 5K with binary options trading via this platform.

What is 5K Daily Profit Club all about?

That you are likely to find out about this program is from people who know it well or from the research that people have done. This is because the so called co-founder and the Head Trader at 5K Daily Profit Club are very economical with pertinent information about what the system is all about. What is known is that it is a fairly new program and it makes some extraordinary claims about what you will earn when you open an account with them.

Trading with 5K Daily Profit Club according to the James Samuel, Head Trader, also known as the co-founder will guarantee you at least $5,000 every day from binary options trading. This is a good $1.8 million in a year. Good earnings here, it seems.

According to the promotional video on their website, 5K Daily Profit Club is 3 years old and during this time, they have perfected their trading system form making $500 a day to the minimum of $5,000 daily profit they have set for themselves and their members.

The story goes that a group of five forex and commodity traders met over lunch a few hours ago and the idea to stop spending endless hours making money for employers and clients and make money for themselves was mooted. This group of five eventually created a system where they combined over a cumulative 128 years of experience in asset trading to make a single trading force that would later be named the 5K Daily Profit Club.

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How it works

When you open an account with this program, you will have signed in to an automatic trading system which will be supplying you with the signals to make winning trades. The video dos not tell how these signals will be derived, only saying that once your account is ready for trading, it will be linked to their master account where all the main club members will be trading. Your account will then be instructed to trade identically with the master account. This is how you will be making as much profits as the initial members have been making for three years now. In fact, you should be joining the hundreds who are joining to take advantage of this opportunity.

In the promotional video, the narrator claims that they are inundated with profuse thanks and messages of appreciation from all the thousands of traders who have benefited from the program. You are asked to sign in so that you do not miss out on the benefits as membership is limited.

Since you will be guaranteed profits, you will be requested to make a 10% of your earnings to charity. This service is voluntary.

5k daily profit club

What will you gain from the 5K Daily Profit Club?

The developers have a bag of benefits for the traders who choose this program as their trading platform of choice.

  1. The moment you open a trading account with 5K Daily Profit Club, you immediately gain membership to an exclusive club of binary options traders who make at least $5,000 every day. The fact that membership to this club is free of any charge just sweetens the deal. You will have no reason not to join in now as there are only a limited number of membership slots available.
  2. You will have a healthy trading experience because all your trades will be a replication of the trades being done by the core members of the trading club, who with a combined 128 years of trading professionally, the chances of going wrong with your trades are near-impossible. Unlike most other binary options programs which talk of a secret system which produces consistently good signals which is a fallacy, 5K Daily Profit Club signals are derived from careful analyses by professional traders who have long experience in trading assets.
  3. The system is all transparent in its dealings. You will not be told of magical generation of signals or worry about how your investment will be managed. Everything is above board and your funds are in safe hands.
  4. With 5K Daily Profit Club, you will not be joining a new outfit which is trying to see if it can make money from binary options trading; the club is over three years old and progressing by the day. This is testament to the fact that it is a working program and it is progressing day by day as hundreds of traders join every day to take advantage of the great services offered here.
  5. The system is 100% free of charge; you will not be asked to pay for any membership fees with this program. This is constant and it will not be changing any time soon. Even with the forthcoming updates of the system, you will not be expected to pay a cent for any improvements.
  6. The program is open to everybody who is seeking an efficient program to work with. There are no special accounts foe select groups. With a low minimum balance of only $250 which will be deposited with the recommended broker, anybody can trade. The only difference will come with the amount you want to deposit. The higher the deposit the more you will make over and above the promoted minimum of $5,000.
  7. 5K Daily Profit Club claims that it has changed thousands of traders’ lives by giving them a unique trading system that guarantees them good profits every day. You too can be part of this group of happy beneficiaries. All you got to do is sign in and all will be sorted. You will now afford all the good things in life that you have always desired including fine homes, expensive cars and exotic holidays all over the world.

The Red Flags

5K Daily Profit Club looks from far like just the program you have wanted to join all this time. The promises are great and the video presentation was eloquent. There are some things with this program that leave more questions than answers. These are:

  • The narrator in the video claims that the system has been up and running for the last three years. Close investigation reveal that it was actually registered in October 2015 which is just a few months ago. Why the discrepancies with the story given? What else is not true about this program?
  • There is the constant reminder that you need to sign up before the required number of members is reached. This is quite deceptive because if they claim they already have thousands of members and they are still seeking many more; all that talk of limited membership is a ruse to have you sign today. That story of limited chances will not end anytime soon.
  • In binary options, it is difficult to guarantee anything. This is because there are so many variables that affect the movement of prices that there are never two identical days in trading. Moreover, the claim that you will make $5,000 a day from a deposit as small as $250 is simply not possible, not with binary options. To make this kind of money, you will need to post a considerably higher deposit and near perfect trades to make anything close to that magic number.
  • The mere indication that your trades will be replicated with those of professional traders is not enough to convince a serious trader that they have found the ultimate binary options system. As a trader you will need to see actual evidence of this trading and the achieved results. You will also need to see independent analyses of the program from other professional traders to make the decision that it is indeed as good as it purports to be.


Make the right decision and avoid signing with 5K Daily Profit Club, at least for the next year or at least six months. This is because it is not three years old as it says it is. It is a new outfit that needs to be given time to develop and produce actual results that anybody can see.

What you need to do

You need to make money as soon as possible and that is why you are in the binary options market. To do this, you will need a program that is not a new start-up, one that makes genuine profits for its traders and has a reputation of integrity and professionalism. This program is the Binary Option Robot.

Opening an account with Binary Option Robot is a wise thing to do for this year because you will have opened investment doors that you probably never thought possible. Your time is now, use it well.

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