3 Week Millionaire Review

Just when you think you have seen enough binary options programs, more spring up every other day. They come with creative names too. Which one do you select to handle your investment funds? That will depend on what you want form a binary options system. To find out what these programs are offering, you need to take an in-depth look at them and what they are all about. One of newest in the binary options marketplace is the 3 Weeks Millionaire System.

3 Weeks Millionaire System: What is it all about?

Launched towards the end of 2015, 3 Week Millionaire is a binary options system that is making claims that by using their system to trade your binary options, you can become the newest millionaire within three weeks of joining. Just by making your deposit and letting the software do the rest, the system will make you $1 million within 21 days. This is a big claim and this system will have an uphill task to prove this.

While not trying to take the wing of their sails, experienced traders and professionals in binary options trading will tell you that this is not possible with a deposit of $250 which is what the majority of traders will want to start with. To make $1 million within three weeks, you will need to have a deposit of not less than $50,000, have near perfect signals, trade consistently throughout the day, every day, and compound all your earnings. Anything less than that and you are not likely to make the promised million dollars within the time promoted. A $250 deposit, with very good signals will not make you more than $700 in binary options marketplace as it is widely known to operate. So, is this system true to its word or is there a secret system that they have?

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The 3 Week Millionaire Video

Like all new binary options systems today, the inevitable sales video loads as soon as you land on their homepage. It is here that we meet the suave Mr. Sean Wallace, the supposed creator of this wonderful system that makes people millionaire in 3 short weeks. He goes on to say how nice a guy he is. He is so nice that he gives out $10,000 to charities regularly because he is well, a nice guy. He portrays the image of guy that you want to work with, a guy you can listen to and believe all his words, a guy with whom you will feel safe handing over your investment money.

He goes on and on about his great system and how it will change your life in a way you could have never imagined. He tells of other people like you who did the simple act of making a small deposit and they turned out to be with very healthy accounts only three weeks later. He gives the impression that you too would be in this enviable position if only you were to open an account with the 3 Weeks Millionaire program.

How genuine is this system and does it really make you all this money in such short a time? Sean Wallace says that it is. He even gives his word that you will really make this money. He is so sure that his system will work so perfectly that he promises to give you a million dollars for every day that you put in your effort and you failed to make $1,100,000. That will amount to a cool $21 million. What else would you want to be told to believe Sean? Well, as the video progresses, this figure drops to $1,000 a day; this is a little more like. The question is why there is a discrepancy between the two figures in the same video. As you watch the video and listen to Sean confidently pitch for his software, pop-ups with people in various geographical positions all over the world pop up from here and there all through the video. This it seems is an attempt to have the software look global.

In the video too, you will find another pop up telling you that there are only 10 spots left for the beta testers that Sean is looking for. You are made to believe that what you have before you is a system that will make profound changes in your life and if you do not sign up immediately, all the promises that you are being showered with will disappear if other people beat you to it. The counter stops at 1 for the rest of the time you are on the site.

3 Weeks Millionaire System Login looks like this
3 Weeks Millionaire System Login Page.

Is this system believable?

Not very much. There is a lot about this system that just isn’t believable or it would take a stroke of magic to accomplish. Here are some of the things that cast a dark shadow on this system:

  1. There is not a system that is legal and widely accepted in binary options, the asset trading markets or in any business globally that has been invested and has been proven to turn $250 into $1 million. This is simply not true or practicable. Sean Wallace should come out clean on this one and tell everybody that they will need to make deposits of tens of thousands of dollars to make anything near that figure he is promoting within 3 weeks, or even 3 months. Furthermore, Sean claims that all this will be done by autopilot. It is quite unbelievable that you will be making all this money for doing nothing beyond making your $250 deposit.
  2. The counter winds down to ‘1 spot left’ as you listen to the video. Do not be deceived by this at all. Those spots will always be there. All you need to do is refresh the page and the counter begins at 10 again. What this implies is that there is no scarcity of spots at all. You are just being rushed into opening an account here. As you know, investment decisions need time to think over, evaluate the potential benefits, study the alternatives and establish your level of risk with each potential choice. Being rushed into making a decision especially where you need to make a money commitment should be viewed with a suspicion.
  3. If this software is only half as good as it is said to be, it would not, under any circumstances be offered for free to every Tom, Dick and Harry. It would probably be the well-kept secret in the whole world. Why it I being offered for free is a question that Wallace should be explaining very well. The fact that he is very philanthropic does not make offering this system to any takers anywhere in the world very sensible.
  4. Another thing that makes this system questionable is the choice of brokers to handle your account. In ordinary circumstances, and where you are dealing with a good program, you will only deal with brokers of your choice. You will choose the broker who has the right credentials and a proven track record. What you find at 3 Weeks Millionaire is a series of brokers that the system recommends whose history or track record is non-existent. You will be asked to register your account and make a deposit with a broker you have never heard of. This is not very clear and you should be wary of a program that literally forces you to register your account to theirpreferred brokers. These are the brokers who in most cases turn out to be without scruples and who do not provide adequate customer support.
  5. There are some discrepancies in the sales video that portray this system as one which is not very straight. There is this instance that Sean Wallace says that you will be paid $1 million for your trouble every day if you will not have made his self-imposed minimum of a million dollars in 3 weeks. These later changes to the much smaller figure of only $1,000. If they cannot edit video before posting it, what else will they take so casually? Your funds?
  6. Being a new system, there may not be many independent traders who can conform the claims that 3 Weeks Millionaire is making. You might want to hold out a bit until such confirmation is made for all to see.


If you really want to make money in binary options, you need to know what is possible and what is not. You also need to see the track record of all the systems that are offering you their services. 3 Weeks Millionaire does not have a track record that you can refer to, and the unanswered questions are many.

What you need to do is to have your investment funds handled by a platform whose track record is open for all to see, one that makes promises that it can keep and one that is licensed and regulated. This will be the Binary Option Robot. Thousands of traders are already making good profits in this system whose operations prove its efficiency, credibility and legitimacy.

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